inspired by: aritzia

This new editorial by aritzia is my FAVORITE! While the coming of spring may usually mean the introduction of brighter colors or floral prints, pretty little liars dresses, and innovative ways to show off your pedicure-- this season there seems to be some new trends in town. This shoot featured some relaxed looks, highlighting the monochromatic and sporty chic (is there a better way to say this? I feel like this sounds weird...) trends. Not much else to say, 'cept this has got my mind whizzing as to how I'll recreate similar looks with my closet. Over the past few weeks I think I have kind of been embracing a similar sort of aesthetic. Let's just say I never grew out of the childhood tradition of living in sneakers (my parents like to tell me that when I was a tot, I would go to sleep with my new shoes on if I loved them enough. Shoe lover from a young age, I guess?)

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