college town

 shoes: zara, denim: citizens of humanity avedon, velvet tank: theory, plaid top: stolen from dad, jacket: barney's co-op
photos of me shot by brother

Today I took my brother, who is also on spring break, to a local college to take a tour. To be honest, I think I was more excited than he was. Which in turn made me feel really old. This is my first outfit post in like a week... which is funny since I had all these big plans to work on my photography and take a bunch of shots since I had really no major plans during the week. Funny how that turned out...I am apparently in some sort of photography funk. Nothing is coming out as expected and I just all my photos. This rut is kind of depressing me. Meh. But surprisingly, the whole packing next to nothing for a week has been working out pretty well for me.

Going along with the whole optimist vibes, are some happy shopping timezzz. I seem to have some sort of velvet infatuation, since I purchased this top as well as a pair of velvet loafers... adding to my two velvet dresses and velvet skirt at school. The top was super on sale at Loehmann's-- 80% off their already discounted price. Win. BUT the biggest sale happening-- Lord & Taylor's anniversary sale. All the new spring merchandise is 40% off, and you can get an extra 20% off with a coupon. If you live near a store, I think it's worth to check out.

me versus the wind, can you guess who won?? #awkwardismymiddlename


  1. You are adorable! Absolutely love your pictures. Keep going at it and I'm sure it'll get better.

    Doing nothing is necessary too. :D

    Love the shoes. Stunning.


  2. This collage makes me think of Prep, or even the Secret History, great buildings. The booties are awesome!

  3. The architecture around you is so beautiful ! Great pictures :)

    And love that peaking checks shirt from underneath !!

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  4. Amazing pictures, I'm in love with this architecture! :) Kisses.

  5. It's funny that I said the same thing to myself, that I was going to work on some "photography" (really taking pictures of myself) but that clearly was a fail. I got stuck babysitting instead. bleh.... but hopefully by the weekend I'll have something. I also been having this thing for velvet too. This weekend I should be going thrifting and I hope to find something velvet. Hope you're having a better spring break than me :D

    Neon Fox

  6. Haha, you're getting old :b
    I would be so excited too though, so its okay - we'll be old people together!
    And ah, the photography slump...hope you find your inspiration again! These turned out rather well :) I like that peek of plaid in your outfit.
    And 80% on clearance? *_* GO CRAZY! Lol

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    Trendy Teal

  7. Love your outfit; the boots are perfect! Can't wait to see your style your velvet pieces in your future posts, Mili! Also, your photos came out beautifully.

    Blog: The Style Chapters
    Shop rad clothing, accessories, gifts, & home - both new & vintage @ Madefabulous

  8. Amazing pics college girl. You look so so lovely in this outfit.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. I like those photos A LOT. especially the one where all the walls are covered with this plant. totally suits that building. oh and your coat reminds me of my own and now I feel like wearing it so thanks for the inspiration ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. <3 pton! (? i'm like 99% positive, but...)
    either way, gorgeous photos! what did your brother think after the visit?


    1. hehe yupp! He liked it... but he thought it was a bit too boring lol

  11. Wow the college looks lovely! :) I really like the photo inside the chapel/cathedral, beautiful.

    Away From Blue

  12. I love your style!!!

  13. omg - that's what we think a the time! when we plan to do the most we do the least ;-)
    loving the location and your outfit as usual!
    lots and lots of love from switzerland

  14. Mili! Ok, I went a lil MIA, but I'm back.. and kinda started over :-/ Sad. But I moved to a new place with a new focus!

    On to happier news, I love your look as always, and I'm glad you had fun at your brother's college tour. I am also happy you bought these items on sale.. so nice. Also, I always love photos of Mili vs. the wind, in my opinion, you always win.

  15. Love your shoes! Wow 40% already, even up to 60% with the coupon, that's amazing. Over here there isn't any discount yet!

  16. the church picture is really stunning. I wish my college looked so architecturally structured.

  17. college loos amazing! really enjoyed your photos of those. and that flash of red plaid. i love velvet but having two cats it's impossible to even think about it!

    steph /

  18. Awesome pictures, really like them :)


    Coline ♡

  19. lovely photos!


  20. I have those boots in red! Don't you love them!!!

    Lattes & Lacee

  21. Wow what beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. I love all the architecture present in this post.


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