college town

 shoes: zara, denim: citizens of humanity avedon, velvet tank: theory, plaid top: stolen from dad, jacket: barney's co-op
photos of me shot by brother

Today I took my brother, who is also on spring break, to a local college to take a tour. To be honest, I think I was more excited than he was. Which in turn made me feel really old. This is my first outfit post in like a week... which is funny since I had all these big plans to work on my photography and take a bunch of shots since I had really no major plans during the week. Funny how that turned out...I am apparently in some sort of photography funk. Nothing is coming out as expected and I just all my photos. This rut is kind of depressing me. Meh. But surprisingly, the whole packing next to nothing for a week has been working out pretty well for me.

Going along with the whole optimist vibes, are some happy shopping timezzz. I seem to have some sort of velvet infatuation, since I purchased this top as well as a pair of velvet loafers... adding to my two velvet dresses and velvet skirt at school. The top was super on sale at Loehmann's-- 80% off their already discounted price. Win. BUT the biggest sale happening-- Lord & Taylor's anniversary sale. All the new spring merchandise is 40% off, and you can get an extra 20% off with a coupon. If you live near a store, I think it's worth to check out.

me versus the wind, can you guess who won?? #awkwardismymiddlename

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