polaroid poser

beanie: american apparel, top: collective concepts, skirt: h&m, nails: deborah lippmann's billionaire, lips: chanel rouge coco in gabrielle 

Honesty hour: I have no idea how to use the polaroid camera. I bought it over the summer with the intention of figuring it out, but the ridiculously high price of film ($25 film for a camera that cost me less than $5) offset my interest. I guess for now it will continue to be a trinket in my room. Maybe it will be called to duty next summer? Ah summer, the thing that will be on my mind from this point forward since my break is officially over :( On the plus side, I will be reunited with warm weather and my closet! This skirt and beanie (& its grey twin) have been on constant rotation.

Can't say I am much of a lipstick person, since putting foundation and concealer on is enough of a hassle. But I looooove this color. The lipstick in itself is extremely moisturizing  but I must say I prefer the formula of Nars. It isn't as moisturizing, but the trade off is that it stays on way better. But maybe that's because I just smeared this on, not bothering with lipliner or primer or any of that stuff. Next time.

OH since I am talking about makeup, thebalm.com will be having 50% off their site tomorrow only! I recently heard about this brand, and I must say I have only really heard positive reviews. I have one of their matte shadows, and it works like a charm.

college town

 shoes: zara, denim: citizens of humanity avedon, velvet tank: theory, plaid top: stolen from dad, jacket: barney's co-op
photos of me shot by brother

Today I took my brother, who is also on spring break, to a local college to take a tour. To be honest, I think I was more excited than he was. Which in turn made me feel really old. This is my first outfit post in like a week... which is funny since I had all these big plans to work on my photography and take a bunch of shots since I had really no major plans during the week. Funny how that turned out...I am apparently in some sort of photography funk. Nothing is coming out as expected and I just all my photos. This rut is kind of depressing me. Meh. But surprisingly, the whole packing next to nothing for a week has been working out pretty well for me.

Going along with the whole optimist vibes, are some happy shopping timezzz. I seem to have some sort of velvet infatuation, since I purchased this top as well as a pair of velvet loafers... adding to my two velvet dresses and velvet skirt at school. The top was super on sale at Loehmann's-- 80% off their already discounted price. Win. BUT the biggest sale happening-- Lord & Taylor's anniversary sale. All the new spring merchandise is 40% off, and you can get an extra 20% off with a coupon. If you live near a store, I think it's worth to check out.

me versus the wind, can you guess who won?? #awkwardismymiddlename

inspired by: aritzia

This new editorial by aritzia is my FAVORITE! While the coming of spring may usually mean the introduction of brighter colors or floral prints, pretty little liars dresses, and innovative ways to show off your pedicure-- this season there seems to be some new trends in town. This shoot featured some relaxed looks, highlighting the monochromatic and sporty chic (is there a better way to say this? I feel like this sounds weird...) trends. Not much else to say, 'cept this has got my mind whizzing as to how I'll recreate similar looks with my closet. Over the past few weeks I think I have kind of been embracing a similar sort of aesthetic. Let's just say I never grew out of the childhood tradition of living in sneakers (my parents like to tell me that when I was a tot, I would go to sleep with my new shoes on if I loved them enough. Shoe lover from a young age, I guess?)

smells like teen spirit

varsity jacket: borrowed from little brother, plaid top: nautica borrowed from father, shorts: citizens of humanity, comfiest black tights ever: hue, shoes: zara

Officially on spring break and back east (I feel like Nick Carraway whenever I talk about "going back east")!! I literally packed and got ready to leave for the airport in a total of 20 minutes. I'm usually a chronic over-packer, but all I brought clothing wise with me this time were some beanies, 2 black bottoms, this pair of shorts, and what I wore to the airport. I've been realllly loving guys clothes so this was the perfect opportunity to borrow some from the fam. 

I feel like time and time again, I say how I used to absolutely hate certain pairings and now, have kind of given in. Red + green were always too christmas-y for me, and denim shorts + tights were a no-no. I think it's safe to say my change of heart and openness to trying things can be thanked to the blogosphere.

Ended up wearing converse cause these shoes are the biggest disappointment. I loved them in the zara lookbook shots, but in person, they just don't hold up. The fake leather is super cheapo, and the zipper is a bitch. Loved the idea of them, but sadly they are going back :(

spring slips

spring slips

3 slips purchased and delivered home in the midst of finals week. What's better than an effortless (& extremely affordable) dress with an interesting cut?

update: if you're a shortie like me, 1 & 2 probably won't do you much favors :(

in the details

camo top: zara, lace layered dress: h&m, bracelets: madewell + ann taylor + ebay, iphone case: incase
nails in: wet n wild private viewing (nude), wet n wild wet cement (mauve), essie no more film (purple), OPI manicurist of seville (pink)

The weather has cooled down and finals week has begun.

p.s Sorry for being the worst responder to comments ever. I haven't finished responding to comments from February. Yeah, I suck #procrastinationproblems 

spring is here

sunglasses + top: h&m, skirt + fearless bracelet: bcbgeneration, sneakers: superga, rings: brandy melville, bag: zara

Everywhere I go on the internet, I hear people crying out for warmer weather and spring. All the while I'm complaining about how beautiful and warm it is. What. Not that I don't appreciate the wonderful spring weather LA is having (#humblebrag...about my hood?), the range of temperatures within a day makes getting dressed a task. When leaving for class/ coffee a bit after 7 AM, it's under 50, but then in the middle of the day, it's almost hitting 80! What's a girl to do to avoid freezing her limbs off but then later not melting into a pile of goo? A question I'm still trying to figure out.

I feel like everything that I realllly like at H&M is also part of their stinkin expensive collection. Usually I might wander further back into the store and possibly pick out something that I feel lukewarm about, but lately I've been giving into the pricier items. This top was more than what I would like to spend at H&M, but I'm kind of in love with the patterns and colors on the front AND back. It's better to indulge in clothing than in other possible vices... right? 

OH and my laptop is fixed yiipppeee-- all thanks to the student tech center at my school

normal faces I like to make #justdoinme

carnivorous clothing

crop top: free people, skirt: asos, shoes: cotton on, denim jacket: zara, sunglasses: h&m

Okay so there isn't carnivorous clothing per se, but the vastness of the skirt makes me think I look like I am being consumed by it. On project runway, sometimes the judges say how the clothes wear the person instead of the other way around. I don't think the skirt is wearing me... I think it's more like eating me. Not sure what it says about me that I'm 100% okay with this. If looking at how the skirt is touching the ground is driving you crazy like it's driving me crazy, fret not. I actually held it up while walking. I just wanted to show the shape for the sake of the photos.

Taking some creative liberties with the photo. There's a fine line between pretty (yes, so technical) editing, and over processing. Sometimes I look at a photo and I think "yes, that works with the lighting, colors, shadows, etc..." and then 10 minute laters am irritated by the tackiness. 

A combination of final exams + my laptop being broken, leaving me to rely on school computers will render me relatively inactive for the next 1.5 weeks :(

alssssooo bloglovin' confuses me. I imported my google readers but then it kind of worked and I don't really know what's going on and yeah.

sporty spice

sunglasses: h&m, crop sweater + bag: urban outfitters, skirt: mango, sneakers: aldo, rings: brandy melville

Okay so I'm not wearing track pants and a sports bra a la classic sporty spice, but crop top + sneakers + a tennis cut skirt is pretty sporty in my book. Photos taken on a stroll through a wooded path after class. Just an easy outfit for an easy Monday on the last week of classes for the quarter.

I made a new twitter for my blog: @callmemaebyblog
I'll basically just be posting blog stuff + nonsense, such as this photo from this morning. Let me know if you want to follow each other :)

inspired by: Miranda Kerr

For the most part, I don't think I'm very... enamored by models, like some people are. Sure they definitely fit the role of being tall and thin, but I don't find them very interesting or beautiful. Furthermore, I think their fashion choices off the runway are at many times unimpressive, or just not my style. But, I have to say that I totally get all the love for Miranda Kerr. She's gorgeous and her street style is perfect. If I had to envision who my ideal style is embodied by, it would be by Ms. Kerr. It's nothing too over the top. There's no craziness. It's just her. Plus she's so down to earth, married to Legolas, and has the cutest baby ever-- basically you can't resist being a fan of hers. At least I can't. 

So to start your week off right, take some inspiration from the one and only Miranda Kerr :) I know I will!

all images off of google image search

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