the meeting of audrey hepburn & bad girl riri

dress: thrifted, bag: cambridge satchel, camo top: zara, necklaces: forever 21 + lord & taylor, shoes: converse, sunglasses + socks: h&m

Meaning behind the title of this post? I felt as if this outfit was the clash between these two style icons. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't but I'll just go along with it. Never really got how people were so successful at buying used clothes, since my attempts have always left me empty handed. After all the times that I have hit up the stores, I finally came home with this dress. The length is kinda weird, so I decided to knot it up. Solved all ma problemos.

The days are getting longer, which I am grateful for. One negative side effect is that I neeeed to adjust the time I take photos. Such as these photos which were taken just a bit too early, hence the harsh lighting. 

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