the big 1/2

sunset in Santa Monica// selfie // double rainbow in westwood
I have a palm tree obsession// my brother & I as bbs-- I was never one for smiling in photos// camo + beanie
sprinkles pumpkin cupcake// opening ceremony on la cienega// love me graffiti in west hollywood
dark green goes with everything// my favorite girl scout cookies-- samoas// what I wore to class today (outfit post to come)

I have officially been blogging for 6 months! I'm so happy that I kept up with it through the few months. I feel a little silly to start proclaiming my love to the blogosphere so I'll keep that to myself. Hopefully I can continue onto another 6 months-- and more! I sometimes think it's conceited when people are like "omg thanks to all my dedicated readers!!!" but seriously, thanks to anyone who has looked at my blog. I think that if I hadn't interacted with other people on the interwebz, I would not have kept up with this. 

Some photos from the past month from my instagram: @comealong_pond
I am a bit of an addict. If you want to follow each other-- just let me know :)

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