sunglasses minus the sun

sweater: rag union x urban outfitters, skirt: mango, sunglasses: gold ray-ban aviators, beanie: american apparel fisherman beanie

Whoop de doooo! Urban outfitters president's weekend sale was filled with a pretty good amount of things that I would love to have at affordable prices. If it had been 50% instead of 30% off, I might have gotten a little crazy. They say good things come to those who wait, and my waiting paid off since I saw this sweater in the store, FINALLY on sale! (Side note: I've been seeing a lot of "online only" items from urban outfitters in stores lately. Such as the rag union collection and frye boots.) Although it realllly does not fit how I wanted it to, the boxy look is in, right? At least according to the runways, or that's what I will tell myself. Regardless of the fit, which is out of my comfort zone, the whole gold paint and color blocked thing really appeals to me. This color has almost all of my favorite outfit colors, just missing navy and the newest addition to the clan-- dark/ military green. As much as I love colorful and printed clothing on the racks and other people, I love wearing my neutrals. I was hesitant on throwing down $22 + tax on a beanie, since I could totally buy an article of clothing for that price. But then I thought about how much I wear my grey one, and how this fisherman beanie is the only one that looks remotely normal on my head. So I went for it. Honestly, I think I will wear this beanie many, many more times than I will wear some rando top, therefore, the cost per wear will be very low :)

the lovvvve tree?

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