sharp sheen

Yes, I may or may not have claimed that I would try to not buy clothes for some time and instead focus on buying accessories. But maybe I'll just call these purchases accessories, since you know, I'm going to throw it on top of my outfit. I have no plans of going out and trying to convince the world that a blazer is in fact a shirt (a la Miley Cyrus, don't know what homegirl was thinking. Without a bra nonetheless tsk tsk. #classy) While there are multiple button downs and jackets in my closet, I am blazer-less! I have two blazers from high school, but they're chilling in my closet at home so let's just not count those. Reason number 3 as to why this purchase was totalllly justifiable is the supermegafoxyawesomehot metallic sheen!  Plus, would have to say that >80% of my closet is black, navy, or a dark shade of some color. The one on the left has some cobalt blue, and the one on the right is red, a color that I almost never pick. I rest my case. Or at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself. I should probably go back to arguing my thesis in regards to Henry James's writing instead of why my closet was in dire need of these blazers.

Now to wait for these to come in the mail, and decide what to wear with them...

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