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beanie: american apparel, sunglasses: h&m, t-shirt + flats: urban outfitters, jacket: zara, skirt: h&m, rings: brandy & melville 

Structured skater skirt, Isabel Marant inspired Zara jacket, beanie, replace the flats with some ankle strap heels, and voila-- the typical outfit you would expect to find on 1 bajillion blogs (give or take a few zillion.) Perhaps with the real deal, Miranda Kerr would be seen wearing something similar (style icon!!) It's interesting how something can be so overdone on the blogosphere, but in real life, it's totally "cool" and "in" (depending on your tastes, of course.) I think it's maybe cause trends are almost concentrated on the internet. And I mean concentration in the chemical definition rather than the "I am concentrating on reading this book" way. Sometimes that makes me think that it's obligatory for me to try it out, cause isn't that why I made this blog in the first place? To try new things? But on the other hand it's obviously silly to do something simply for the sake that all the other people on the internet are doing it. For instance, I went to look at the Prabal Gurung collection at Target the other day. I was not impressed (McKayla Maroney style.) I almost bought something, and then realized.. I don't even like this crap. Sooo how do I discern which trends to try and which trends to ignore? Another point, sometimes things I think are "risks" or things that I wouldn't have worn before, are totally normal on the internet! Obviously the perks of this are a feeling of comfort, but the downside is that the whole effect of the thing is lost. Like, I spent a whole ten minutes contemplating whether to wear this or not this morning! Anyways, that was just a jumbling of my feelings and thoughts. Now I'm going to bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, we can all eat it and be happy!

on my nails: OPI's mermaid's tears & butter london's slapper
Yes, you will frequently see me with my phone glued to my hand. 

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