bride of frankenstein (aztec secret indian healing clay review)

 aztec secret indian healing clay+ bragg's unfiltered apple cider vinegar

Soooo my skin is somewhat problematic, and something I have been dealing with since I was a young teen. It tends to go in cycles, sometimes it's pretty clear and other times it acts up like crazy. The current state of the union my face ain't so great. I don't usually try anything new or crazy, since I have come to terms with the cyclical nature of my skin, but after reading all the rave reviews about this mask-- I had to try it. It's my first time ever using a mask. 

I bought the two ingredients on a trip to whole foods yesterday, since I was too lazy to wait for them to come online. The vinegar was in the vinegar aisle (thank you, captain obvious) and the clay was in the facial care section. A quick google search will help you find both products from different retailers. Personally, together they cost me a little over $10-- it might be less for you depending on where you live cause I know groceries tend to be more expensive in my area. 

Tips I collected after reading stuff on the internet:

    • Don't use anything metal! I used a plastic spoon and container to mix this.
    • The container says you can mix it with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar. All the reviews I said it worked much better with the apple cider vinegar.
    • The apple cider vinegar will bubble-- it's normal so don't fret.
    • Use mother/ unfiltered apple cider vinegar. The majority of reviews I read recommended this bragg's one. It cost about $3. 

    • When I first walked into whole foods, I saw this brand's apple cider vinegar... mixed with tea. I was kinda confused since I didn't read anything about tea, and the bottle was slightly different. Make sure you buy the right product!!
    bride of frankenstein, yo
    • I really lathered it on my face. They recommend anywhere between 1/4-1/2 inch. When it comes to all this spa beauty business, I am basically a noob. Other people were able to apply it on smoothly and evenly, mine... was kind of a hot uneven mess. A 5 year old probably could have applied it on better. Maybe. I'm not sure. But it's okay, cause I still got the results!
    • It gives you a different amount of times depending on your skintype. I have somewhat sensitive combination skin, and I left it on for a little over 30 minutes cause I really wanted it to dry.
    • YOU CANNOT MOVE YOUR FACE! Seriously. The container says that it will make your face pulsate, which is a kinda cool feeling. Unfortunately, it made me want to giggle, which wasn't really happening since the stuff really clings to your face.
    • Taking it off can be a hassle. I plugged my sink cause I didn't want to clog my pipes with clay! I then used multiple paper towels soaked in hot water to remove it.
    • Use toner afterwards. I also used moisturizer, cause I always do after cleaning my face.  
    • There will be some redness after, but it will go away after around a half an hour.
    • How the mask works is that it "draws out impurities" to the surface to remove them, so your skin may act out at first. Personally, I did not have this issue.
    • It is made out of only one ingredient! Calcium bentonite
    Overall I am a big fan of this product. It cleaned out and reduced the size of my pores after just one try!! It even removed some blackheads. I will definitely be using this probably 2 times a week. Hopefully it lessens my acne as well! 

    I'm not a beauty blogger or expert, but this product just worked so well after one use, I had to share. It's like some sort of magical cure all for the face. Works on dark spots, pores, acne, brightening skin, black heads. Those aztecs really knew what was up. I definitely recommend everyone to try it :)

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