blending in

shirt: mango, camo top: zara, shorts: ag, boots: asos

I feel like something I've been reading frequently as of late is people treating leopard/ animal prints as neutrals. While I do think if done right, animal prints can be tasteful, they were never my cup of tea. Maybe it has something to do with living in Jersey and the horrible reputation created by the Jersey Shore (they aren't even from Jersey!!!) So leopard print on myself has forever been branded as tacky in fear that I look like some creature from the black lagoon jersey shore. Instead, this camo top has been my "new neutral." Pity I didn't properly get a close up cause my blue top is actually a realllly small gingham print.

P.S my blog is almost 6 months old sooo there may be a giveaway in store :)

Decided to randomly start listening to some of my favorite Hindi songs today. Do I know what they're saying? No. Does that stop me? No.

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