10 years ago

shirt + bag: urban outfitters, shoes: converse, jeans: citizens of humanity, sunglasses: h&m, beanie: american apparel

I'm one of those people who is just is in the mindset that it's 2005 and the heart of the 90s were totttallly just 10 years ago. I was a 90s kiddo, so I can't say that I really lived the era at an age where the fashions of the times really stuck to my memories. SO not really having any authority on the authenticity of this statement, I'll say I feel like some sort of grungey painter like gal transported from 1995. Possibly a Laney Boggs like character? I originally started the day off with some clunky, biker looking boots, feeling bad (irrational feelings alert) that I never wore them, but decided that was a stupid reason and ditched them for my converse. If I can wear these shoes with an outfit, then why not? Regardless of what my style has been, converse have been a constant in my wardrobe since the days of middle school. 

Few things to say about the individual pieces. These sunglasses are my latest obsession. I've been meaning to invest in a pair of plastic sunglasses but keep changing my mind on what exact shape I want. Hence, this super cheap option from H&M was perfect and I even bought them in tortoise. Black jeans-- forgot how much I needed them in my closet since I wore my last ones to death...literally. Last time I wore this top I mentioned how I wasn't really feelin the outfit. This time around, I was sooo much more comfortable. Even though the color scheme of the look is essentially the same, I like this outfit a lot better. Super what a swap in a few similar items can do for you. Huzzah!!

P.S if anyone actually consistently reads my blog, he/she will see that I basically use the same 3 bags. Primarily cause I need to carry a shit ton of stuff throughout the day, ie. laptop + notebook + camera at  least. Anyone have any recommendations for backpacks// large crossbodies? Preferably in brown?

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