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beanie: american apparel, sunglasses: h&m, t-shirt + flats: urban outfitters, jacket: zara, skirt: h&m, rings: brandy & melville 

Structured skater skirt, Isabel Marant inspired Zara jacket, beanie, replace the flats with some ankle strap heels, and voila-- the typical outfit you would expect to find on 1 bajillion blogs (give or take a few zillion.) Perhaps with the real deal, Miranda Kerr would be seen wearing something similar (style icon!!) It's interesting how something can be so overdone on the blogosphere, but in real life, it's totally "cool" and "in" (depending on your tastes, of course.) I think it's maybe cause trends are almost concentrated on the internet. And I mean concentration in the chemical definition rather than the "I am concentrating on reading this book" way. Sometimes that makes me think that it's obligatory for me to try it out, cause isn't that why I made this blog in the first place? To try new things? But on the other hand it's obviously silly to do something simply for the sake that all the other people on the internet are doing it. For instance, I went to look at the Prabal Gurung collection at Target the other day. I was not impressed (McKayla Maroney style.) I almost bought something, and then realized.. I don't even like this crap. Sooo how do I discern which trends to try and which trends to ignore? Another point, sometimes things I think are "risks" or things that I wouldn't have worn before, are totally normal on the internet! Obviously the perks of this are a feeling of comfort, but the downside is that the whole effect of the thing is lost. Like, I spent a whole ten minutes contemplating whether to wear this or not this morning! Anyways, that was just a jumbling of my feelings and thoughts. Now I'm going to bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, we can all eat it and be happy!

on my nails: OPI's mermaid's tears & butter london's slapper
Yes, you will frequently see me with my phone glued to my hand. 

twirl girl

skirt: american eagle, crop top: free people, jacket: zara, boots: asos, aviators: ray-ban

Something old, something new. "Shopping in my closet" has become a pretty helpful tool for me. I've worn this skirt once before in my life, during my high school graduation. It's so flouncy and girly and white, I just never knew how to really wear it. But paired with my military inspired jacket and combat boots, I'd say it's toned down. The green top is free people. I was in love with it in high school, but sadly I ripped it and that hole just grew and grew. Instead of throwing it out, I made it into a crop top! Voila, shirt saved. The jacket isn't reallllly new, considering that I have worn it more than half a dozen times in the past month that I've had it. Since the beginning of 2013 I've been kinda lost as to what my style is. I think this outfit is kinda defining my style. Something kinda girly, but in a more tomboy toned down kind of way? I can't necessarily put it into words, but I just get the "this is I" (look at my proper grammar) vibes from this look. 

brought to you by me @ the library:


jacket: lf stores, t-shirt: gap men's, shorts: forever 21, wedge sneakers: aldo, bag: urban outfitters, sunglasses: h&m

Okay, so this outfit might be a little bit of an eyesore. So many trends all thrown into one outfit: camo, denim, burgundy, wedge sneakers, studs. But you know what... I'm kind of digging it. People who aren't savvy with the blogosphere probably thought I was some sort of crazy youngster, oh well. YOLO. This jacket was my first piece truly embracing the stud trend...yeah I'm a little late. To be honest, I think studs are a bit too intense for me, but it just works with this jacket so I'll go with it. I mean, I love my denim jacket and I love my camo jacket shirt thing, so this was sorta a no brainer.

Time for a shallow blogger update: I hit 250 followers!! Thanks peeps :) 

Not going to lie, wearing this jacket made me feel like kind of a badass. I could have possibly broken out into this sort of situation 

california chick

crop sweater + maxi skirt + rings: brandy melville, tote bag: zara, shoes: steve madden, sunglasses: h&m

The knotted maxi is back again. I feel like everything about this outfit is just sooo southern California. I actually saw a girl this morning on my Starbucks trip (in which I ordered a grande instead of the usual venti, instant regret #addictedtocaffeine) wearing almost the exact same outfit, except with wedges which she was teetering on. I don't know about you, but I have no interest in being uncomfortable at 9:30 AM on a Saturday. This sort of pairing was fundamental during the previous school year. I probably wore some sort of maxi no less than 3 times a week. These are pieces that while getting dressed this morning I thought "why the heck have I not wear these in a while?!" The sandals are my loves from high school. To be honest, ever since I have converted to the bootie life, I haven't looked back. For the most part, when it comes to buying sandals-- I'm as picky as Cher Horowitz and the usual gladiators and flimsy t-straps simply don't appeal to me. Hence why I am hanging onto these beat up babies.

I posted a week or two ago about how I wanted a more brown based bag and this was the answer to alllll my prayers plus some. I hate flying yet I am so excited for my flight next month simply to see how much shit I can cram into this bag. The thing is seriously so spacious. 

inspired by: mr. walker & ms. lawrence

You've probably heard of the incredibly talented Tim Walker before. If you haven't, you have seriously been missing out. He is without a doubt, my absolute favorite photographer, and probably artist (maybe a tie with Edgar Degas.. but it's debatable.) I was reacquainted with this photoshoot from the October 2012 edition of on tumblr and I just fell in love with it all over again. Although I have never seen anything Jennifer Lawrence was ever in, her presence in the media and overall approachable personality makes her very likable to me! Which cannot really be said of many celebrities under the age of 30. Together they bring you this feathery and light editorial. What's not to love, the monochromatic schemes, the textures-- I could look at it all day. 

All photos from W Magazine. 

trend salad

 skirt: free people, silk blouse: j. crew, jacket & sunglasses: h&m, tights: hue, booties: arturo chang
nails in: essie beyond cozy (gold sparkles) & sally hansen pacific blue

So wearing bright colors to begin with are not really my thing. But then the next level... neon?! When I think neon, my thoughts go to super cool athletic wear, like sneakers or shorts, which I would and do totally wear. But something in my actual wardrobe? I admit this shirt was an impulse buy as I succumbed to the neon trend. But hey, it's good to step out of your comfort zone, and I still paired it with all black. I don't think yellow really does any favors for my skin tone, so I tried to not have it directly contiguous to my skin.

P.s I really don't know why I look so incredibly pissed off in these pictures. I think I tend to scrunch up my face when I'm thinking about something. So sorry for my apparently angry visage

P.P.s so many photos!!! (well.. more than my usual 2)

P.P.P.S has 30% off all makeup! Ending tonight (I think)

sunglasses minus the sun

sweater: rag union x urban outfitters, skirt: mango, sunglasses: gold ray-ban aviators, beanie: american apparel fisherman beanie

Whoop de doooo! Urban outfitters president's weekend sale was filled with a pretty good amount of things that I would love to have at affordable prices. If it had been 50% instead of 30% off, I might have gotten a little crazy. They say good things come to those who wait, and my waiting paid off since I saw this sweater in the store, FINALLY on sale! (Side note: I've been seeing a lot of "online only" items from urban outfitters in stores lately. Such as the rag union collection and frye boots.) Although it realllly does not fit how I wanted it to, the boxy look is in, right? At least according to the runways, or that's what I will tell myself. Regardless of the fit, which is out of my comfort zone, the whole gold paint and color blocked thing really appeals to me. This color has almost all of my favorite outfit colors, just missing navy and the newest addition to the clan-- dark/ military green. As much as I love colorful and printed clothing on the racks and other people, I love wearing my neutrals. I was hesitant on throwing down $22 + tax on a beanie, since I could totally buy an article of clothing for that price. But then I thought about how much I wear my grey one, and how this fisherman beanie is the only one that looks remotely normal on my head. So I went for it. Honestly, I think I will wear this beanie many, many more times than I will wear some rando top, therefore, the cost per wear will be very low :)

the lovvvve tree?

the big 1/2

sunset in Santa Monica// selfie // double rainbow in westwood
I have a palm tree obsession// my brother & I as bbs-- I was never one for smiling in photos// camo + beanie
sprinkles pumpkin cupcake// opening ceremony on la cienega// love me graffiti in west hollywood
dark green goes with everything// my favorite girl scout cookies-- samoas// what I wore to class today (outfit post to come)

I have officially been blogging for 6 months! I'm so happy that I kept up with it through the few months. I feel a little silly to start proclaiming my love to the blogosphere so I'll keep that to myself. Hopefully I can continue onto another 6 months-- and more! I sometimes think it's conceited when people are like "omg thanks to all my dedicated readers!!!" but seriously, thanks to anyone who has looked at my blog. I think that if I hadn't interacted with other people on the interwebz, I would not have kept up with this. 

Some photos from the past month from my instagram: @comealong_pond
I am a bit of an addict. If you want to follow each other-- just let me know :)

easy breezy

shirt + sunglasses: h&m, shorts: free people, scarf: random store in Jersey, shoes: converse

Cleaning my closet often unearths clothes I totally forgot about, ie these shorts + top. This outfit is the epitome of something I would throw on while on a warm vacation. But seeing as that it as 80 degrees in LA yesterday and I didn't really do much, I guess it was sort of a mini vacation day. 

blending in

shirt: mango, camo top: zara, shorts: ag, boots: asos

I feel like something I've been reading frequently as of late is people treating leopard/ animal prints as neutrals. While I do think if done right, animal prints can be tasteful, they were never my cup of tea. Maybe it has something to do with living in Jersey and the horrible reputation created by the Jersey Shore (they aren't even from Jersey!!!) So leopard print on myself has forever been branded as tacky in fear that I look like some creature from the black lagoon jersey shore. Instead, this camo top has been my "new neutral." Pity I didn't properly get a close up cause my blue top is actually a realllly small gingham print.

P.S my blog is almost 6 months old sooo there may be a giveaway in store :)

Decided to randomly start listening to some of my favorite Hindi songs today. Do I know what they're saying? No. Does that stop me? No.

the meeting of audrey hepburn & bad girl riri

dress: thrifted, bag: cambridge satchel, camo top: zara, necklaces: forever 21 + lord & taylor, shoes: converse, sunglasses + socks: h&m

Meaning behind the title of this post? I felt as if this outfit was the clash between these two style icons. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't but I'll just go along with it. Never really got how people were so successful at buying used clothes, since my attempts have always left me empty handed. After all the times that I have hit up the stores, I finally came home with this dress. The length is kinda weird, so I decided to knot it up. Solved all ma problemos.

The days are getting longer, which I am grateful for. One negative side effect is that I neeeed to adjust the time I take photos. Such as these photos which were taken just a bit too early, hence the harsh lighting. 

bride of frankenstein (aztec secret indian healing clay review)

 aztec secret indian healing clay+ bragg's unfiltered apple cider vinegar

Soooo my skin is somewhat problematic, and something I have been dealing with since I was a young teen. It tends to go in cycles, sometimes it's pretty clear and other times it acts up like crazy. The current state of the union my face ain't so great. I don't usually try anything new or crazy, since I have come to terms with the cyclical nature of my skin, but after reading all the rave reviews about this mask-- I had to try it. It's my first time ever using a mask. 

I bought the two ingredients on a trip to whole foods yesterday, since I was too lazy to wait for them to come online. The vinegar was in the vinegar aisle (thank you, captain obvious) and the clay was in the facial care section. A quick google search will help you find both products from different retailers. Personally, together they cost me a little over $10-- it might be less for you depending on where you live cause I know groceries tend to be more expensive in my area. 

Tips I collected after reading stuff on the internet:

    • Don't use anything metal! I used a plastic spoon and container to mix this.
    • The container says you can mix it with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar. All the reviews I said it worked much better with the apple cider vinegar.
    • The apple cider vinegar will bubble-- it's normal so don't fret.
    • Use mother/ unfiltered apple cider vinegar. The majority of reviews I read recommended this bragg's one. It cost about $3. 

    • When I first walked into whole foods, I saw this brand's apple cider vinegar... mixed with tea. I was kinda confused since I didn't read anything about tea, and the bottle was slightly different. Make sure you buy the right product!!
    bride of frankenstein, yo
    • I really lathered it on my face. They recommend anywhere between 1/4-1/2 inch. When it comes to all this spa beauty business, I am basically a noob. Other people were able to apply it on smoothly and evenly, mine... was kind of a hot uneven mess. A 5 year old probably could have applied it on better. Maybe. I'm not sure. But it's okay, cause I still got the results!
    • It gives you a different amount of times depending on your skintype. I have somewhat sensitive combination skin, and I left it on for a little over 30 minutes cause I really wanted it to dry.
    • YOU CANNOT MOVE YOUR FACE! Seriously. The container says that it will make your face pulsate, which is a kinda cool feeling. Unfortunately, it made me want to giggle, which wasn't really happening since the stuff really clings to your face.
    • Taking it off can be a hassle. I plugged my sink cause I didn't want to clog my pipes with clay! I then used multiple paper towels soaked in hot water to remove it.
    • Use toner afterwards. I also used moisturizer, cause I always do after cleaning my face.  
    • There will be some redness after, but it will go away after around a half an hour.
    • How the mask works is that it "draws out impurities" to the surface to remove them, so your skin may act out at first. Personally, I did not have this issue.
    • It is made out of only one ingredient! Calcium bentonite
    Overall I am a big fan of this product. It cleaned out and reduced the size of my pores after just one try!! It even removed some blackheads. I will definitely be using this probably 2 times a week. Hopefully it lessens my acne as well! 

    I'm not a beauty blogger or expert, but this product just worked so well after one use, I had to share. It's like some sort of magical cure all for the face. Works on dark spots, pores, acne, brightening skin, black heads. Those aztecs really knew what was up. I definitely recommend everyone to try it :)

    posing with lady b

    skirt: old from mom's closet, sweater + vest: zara, tights + bag: urban outfitters, socks: h&m, shoes: converse, nails: OPI ski till we drop

    Tartan has definitely made its presence the past season, primarily in the form of trousers/ pants. Unfortunately, said pants never seem to fit me right. The only pants that ever really work on me are jeans, but maybe that's just cause I kind of have lost hope and have stopped bothering to try anything else on. Thankfullly, I pulled this skirt out of one of the boxes in my mom's closet of clothes she used to wear in the 80s/90s, but have since been retired. But for whatever reason, she still has them. I wonder where I get my need to hoard old clothes from... hmmmm. This skirt is the perfect example of how my clothing choices have changed, since it high school I would feel way too timid to wear such a skirt, but now it's really nbd. Although I was at first thinking "why am I dressed as if it were the DEAD of winter?!" until I realized it was February, and in fact, winter #socalproblems


    not so fun fact: whenever I read Beyonce now, I hear it in a very specific way. The exact case being on SNL when they parody Ann Romney and she's all like "bay-on-sayyyyy." If you know what I'm talking about, I seriously give props to your memory and deciphering skillz.

    10 years ago

    shirt + bag: urban outfitters, shoes: converse, jeans: citizens of humanity, sunglasses: h&m, beanie: american apparel

    I'm one of those people who is just is in the mindset that it's 2005 and the heart of the 90s were totttallly just 10 years ago. I was a 90s kiddo, so I can't say that I really lived the era at an age where the fashions of the times really stuck to my memories. SO not really having any authority on the authenticity of this statement, I'll say I feel like some sort of grungey painter like gal transported from 1995. Possibly a Laney Boggs like character? I originally started the day off with some clunky, biker looking boots, feeling bad (irrational feelings alert) that I never wore them, but decided that was a stupid reason and ditched them for my converse. If I can wear these shoes with an outfit, then why not? Regardless of what my style has been, converse have been a constant in my wardrobe since the days of middle school. 

    Few things to say about the individual pieces. These sunglasses are my latest obsession. I've been meaning to invest in a pair of plastic sunglasses but keep changing my mind on what exact shape I want. Hence, this super cheap option from H&M was perfect and I even bought them in tortoise. Black jeans-- forgot how much I needed them in my closet since I wore my last ones to death...literally. Last time I wore this top I mentioned how I wasn't really feelin the outfit. This time around, I was sooo much more comfortable. Even though the color scheme of the look is essentially the same, I like this outfit a lot better. Super what a swap in a few similar items can do for you. Huzzah!!

    P.S if anyone actually consistently reads my blog, he/she will see that I basically use the same 3 bags. Primarily cause I need to carry a shit ton of stuff throughout the day, ie. laptop + notebook + camera at  least. Anyone have any recommendations for backpacks// large crossbodies? Preferably in brown?

    sharp sheen

    Yes, I may or may not have claimed that I would try to not buy clothes for some time and instead focus on buying accessories. But maybe I'll just call these purchases accessories, since you know, I'm going to throw it on top of my outfit. I have no plans of going out and trying to convince the world that a blazer is in fact a shirt (a la Miley Cyrus, don't know what homegirl was thinking. Without a bra nonetheless tsk tsk. #classy) While there are multiple button downs and jackets in my closet, I am blazer-less! I have two blazers from high school, but they're chilling in my closet at home so let's just not count those. Reason number 3 as to why this purchase was totalllly justifiable is the supermegafoxyawesomehot metallic sheen!  Plus, would have to say that >80% of my closet is black, navy, or a dark shade of some color. The one on the left has some cobalt blue, and the one on the right is red, a color that I almost never pick. I rest my case. Or at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself. I should probably go back to arguing my thesis in regards to Henry James's writing instead of why my closet was in dire need of these blazers.

    Now to wait for these to come in the mail, and decide what to wear with them...


    jacket + necklace: zara, dress: free people, tights: hue, sunglasses: h&m

    While setting up my camera for these photos, some guy crossed my path and decided to stop near me. As he started smoking, I internally groaned since I hate the ashy smell of cigarette smoke. But much to my chagrin, it wasn't cigarette smoke. Since everyone knows that sharing is caring, he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to "finish off" his blunt. No thanks, bitch. Blech. If I wanted something your thumb touched, I'd eat the inside of your ear.

    The title of this post is inspired by the message delivered by a poem I read in class today. 

    Your World
    By: Georgia Douglas Johnson

    Your world is as big as you make it 
    I know, for I used to abide 
    In the narrowest nest in a corner
     My wings pressing close to my side 

    But I sighted the distant horizon 
    Where the sky-line encircled the sea 
    And I throbbed with a burning desire 
    To travel this immensity. 

    I battered the cordons around me 
    And cradled my wings on the breeze 
    Then soared to the uttermost reaches 
    with rapture, with power, with ease!

    all american

    sweater: h&m, jeans: 7 for all mankind, sneakers: superga, yankees cap

    I have difficulty getting dressed in the morning as is, but considering I had a super early exam, I had to minimize my time getting ready (try <10 minutes & no makeup :O). My mood wasn't helped by the fact that I had a bird's nest on my head and the weather outside was cloudy and cold. In an attempt to hide away from the impending bad day, I threw on this engulfing turtleneck and baseball cap paired with my favorite blue jeans and some sneakers. I hoped this bad weather was a one day deal, but it seems as if LA will be under clouds for the next week or so :(

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