silver racing stripe

white t-shirt & denim shirt: urban outfitters, skirt: free people

Yeah this is a unisex shirt, and yeah it is too big, but I couldn't resist the rag union x urban outfitters collaboration. I love how it looks like someone just ran by with a paint brush with foily silver paint. Seriously just waiting for this sweater to go on sale (soon please!!!) The nice weather has seemed to pass and now we head into a gloomy few days :( On a more positive, I finally rid myself of my chipped blue nail polish! #productivity #kindof

While wearing this outfit today, I noticed sooo many people around campus sporting the denim top + black bottoms look. I'm not really 100% a fan of my exact outfit, so I'll def be sporting this top again soon. 

I seem to never be able to focus while at la bibliotheque. 

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