schmancy hobo

shoes: deena & ozzy (urban outfitters), jeans: citizens of humanity, sweater: zara, button down (underneath sweater): anthropologie, beanie: american apparel

Rockin that hobo look. Lately I've been having difficulty finding out exactly what my style is. In middle school, it was bootcut jeans, sneakers/ uggs/ birkenstocks, and some of those everyone's favorite graphic tees from some classic hot spots: american eagle, aeropostale, hollister, and abercrombie + fitch. Move onto high schools where I thankfully, along with most of my peers, (...I repeat most but sadly not all) transitioned into cardigans, skinny jeans, and scarves. Even during my freshman year of college, I had a maxi skirt obsession. Now heading into the second trimester of my sophomore year, I'm lost in a sartorial sense!
Out of the darkness of my (limited since I am on winter break) closet comes this outfit. These jeans are clinging onto the brink of life and almost ripping in the crotch area #classy. I finally found this beanie at american apparel. I've been wanting to buy a beanie for a while now, but they never seem to work with my apparently weird shaped head. I'm still learning the works of how to place this one on my head. 
Treading (Did you know that the 6th definition of this means bird copulation?) on into 2013, I hope I can get a better sense of what my look is! Or maybe it isn't a bad thing? I'm just willing to try all of the things! 

ps. no nail shot :( but I'm wearing billionaire by deborah lippmann 

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