muse of 2013

sweater + skirt: h&m, polka dot tights: urban outfitters, shoes: arturo chiang, coat: barney's co-op

Happy first post of 2013! I can't believe that yet another year has passed-- it'll only take me like a solid 3 months to finally start writing the date with the proper "13." I'd say my new years resolutions are pretty generic-- be healthier, work harder, and look on the brighter side of life. I took these photos in the front of my house, where the remnants of the snowfall from a few days prior rests. I really put my life on the line to take these pics, as you can see I am toeing the line of life and death while perching upon the ice #bloggerproblems (or... #dramaqueenproblems.)

I rang in the new year with a calm yet filled with food night in the city. Before the end of the year, I got to see my favorite band!! Something that I've been wanting to do since the 10th grade; jeez I feel old. The concert was at the (relatively?) new Barclay's center in Brooklyn and it was AMAZEBALLS. They had these radio activated glow in the dark bracelets that blinked in rhythm to certain songs. 
This is why I am naming Chris Martin as my muse of 2013. Seriously, if I could muster up half the amount of energy he has while on stage my year will be made. I had a debate on whether to post these photos solo, but ended up pushing them in with this outfit post. I'm not really used to using my 50mm lens and it was being a little bitch and not focusing  hence the kinda hazy look. So without further ado here are my photos of COLDPLAY <3 (yes I am a 13 year old girl equipped with her internet hearts.) 

 the man, the legend

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