miss in a maxi

scarf + cardigan + bag: urban outfitters, dress: lush (@ nordstrom bp), booties: h&m, sunglasses: ray-ban aviators

You guysssss, it finally hit 76 today in LA! I(and I think it's safe to say all the other Angelenos) am welcoming the warmer weather with wide open arms. What's more glorious than having a beautifully sunny, warm day in the dead of winter. 

As someone who towers at the height of 61 inches, I have many reservations in what I wear in fear that I will look like a stumpy, pudgy... gremlin. But maxis don't fall under that category! I've heard plenty of people voice their complaints along the lines of "I wish I could wear maxis :(." Well you can!! It's true, a lot of maxis are too long for us shorter folk, but there are also a vast sea of maxi dresses with elasticized waists. I personally prefer these so that you can hold up some of the cloth at the torso area, and it doesn't make you look shapeless. Or, you can always add your own belt. Another solution to the length issue is tying a knot at the bottom of the dress/ skirt, like I did in this outfit.  In order to add to the illusion of elongation, you can add some long layers. The cardigan, scarf, and even the long strap of my bag all follow this effect. Last but not least, a heel is an obvious way to make yourself feel taller!  P.S if you have reservations in fear of being judged or deterring from your usual style in wearing a maxis/ really anything.. whatever! YOLO! DO YOU :) :)

 Idk what I was doing..

 the knot!!

p.s this was my first post published on teen vogue, booyah!


  1. I never thought I could pull of maxis and then I finally bought one and now they are my love! I own three and they are my favorite things in my wardrobe! I love the way you knotted this one!

  2. Love how you knotted the maxi dress! It makes for a different and stylish look!

    twitter: @BelatedBloomer

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  4. Hello dear! Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice blog. I love the boots at this outfit<3.
    I think we should follow each other. What do you say? Kisses

  5. Lovely dress

    xx Mounia

  6. I love that maxi dress :)


    Coline !

  7. lovely. you look adorable

  8. Oh you have knotted your maxi ! Superb ! And the scarf looks lovely with it !!

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  9. Love your maxi, and that scarf is gorgeous! Such a cute, casual look :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Love how you knotted that dress!

    XO Jules

  11. Beautiful Outfit and love maxi dresses!!

    New Post on my Blog! Come Visit! ;)

    Can you click like on my new facebook page? it would mean a lot to me!
    Thanks sweetie!

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  13. cool look, love how made the dress your own by tying the knot in it:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  14. Nice look:) if you want go to my blog:)

  15. I really like the way you knotted your skirt it makes it so much more interesting and gives the dress a bit more shape :) I just bought a maxi dress in the sale and if it's making me look a bit frumpy I might just do this (I'm a bit to tall and have the opposite problem with maxi skirts they're always awkward ankle-swingers!

  16. loving the dress!


  17. Thanks a lot! What camera are you using?? AMAZING SHOTS AGAIN

  18. Seriously don't even worry, you look fabulous in a maxi.
    F A B U L O U S ~ !

    The Lovelorn

  19. oh wow your photos are so so dreamy! really love it

    hope you'll visit back

  20. the maxi is so great!! you are definitely a person for them!
    I think I love it even more because of the knot. should try it too (if there will someday be no snow here anymore :))


  21. Lovely post and I like your blog happy to found it ...maybe we can follow each other from GFC and Bloglovin? :D

  22. i personally think maxis make shot girls look taller as long as the fabric is not too baggy :)
    xx rae

  23. I love this whole dress, especially the scarf!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. your pictures are amazing love your style love.


  25. I'm a fan of the maxi dress knot too. Solid.

  26. hah you look wonderfully lengthy in the maxi!


  27. that maxi skirt is lovely! and the knot you made is unique!:)

    xx pauline

  28. Hey you swetie. Love that look. You look amazing. Thanks for passing by. I definetly follow you. xx Mila

  29. I just love your look honey. You look amazing on each and every pic!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  30. i love your boots!! and i'm suuuuuper jeals of the weather you're having ;)


    Kristina does the Internets

  31. J'adore tes photos, sublimes!!

  32. In love with your blog! Great style. X

  33. Really love your outfit, look amazing on you xx
    You have a new follower:)

  34. Wow! Lovely pictures! It's like the camera is having a love affair with your cloths! Love what you are doing chica! Miss you at Eight Hundred Sq. Ft ;)

    Nike O.

  35. Are you a Bruin? So am I! :D
    I love the entire boho vibe and how you tied the dress.
    Such a cool outfit!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  36. Girl you're so gorg. Love the dress tied up like that.


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