like a boy

men's t-shirt worn as dress: james perse, vest: zara, skirt: forever 21, socks: h&m, sneakers: converse, bag: urban outfitters, sunglasses: ray-ban aviators 

Today was a little crazy since I had an early morning class, went shopping, and then barely made it back for my afternoon class. It was a little embarrassing since I rushed into class with one minute to spare, toting this large, neon green shopping bag. But the trek to Venice for the planet blue sale was totally worth it since the entire store is 75% OFF, people! I can't wait to hit up the rest of the sales mentioned below this weekend :)

Jumping on the wearing a men's tshirt as a dress bandwagon. Does said bandwagon exist? I tried to sport the look, but in a less risque and more daytime appropriate than the frat party version (you know, sheer tights, open button down with bra peeking out.) Rather, I aimed for a more... 90s/ grungy look? I'm not so good at classifying these things. I slipped on a black body con underneath just to be safe so that I wouldn't be flashing people my badonkadonk. The vest was added to make it look less frumpy (my mom refers to such overly loose looks of mine as "pillowcases.)

the special weekend sales
american apparel: online only, take 30% off everything! including sale! with code BFF2013
asos: extra 15% off sale with code USLONGWEEKEND
bloomingdale's: extra 40% off sale, plus get 15% off with a coupon! I got mine in an email. If you don't have one they usually have an extra at the register.
free people: extra 20% off sale
gap: extra 40% off sale
j. crew: Extra 50% off sale. Alsoooo, if your cashier is super nice you can combine it with your 15% student discount :)
planet blue: 75% off ENTIRE Venice store. There are many, many options.
madewell: Extra 40% off sale!
urban outfitters: Extra 50% off sale. Go bonkers.
victoria's secret: Depends on the location but some have extra 50% off sale!

Happy savings!! (and of course happy MLKJ weekend!)

I bought this Antik Batik dress at the planet blue sale and I am sooo in love (buy it here)
photo from my instagram: @comealong_pond

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