I'm still thinkin about the red dress

red crochet dress: free people, jacket: hm, tights: hue

My mom picked this dress for me last year since a) she was keen on seeing me wear something that wasn't black/ grey/ navy and b) the crochet style reminded her of outfits she wore when she was younger in India. This weekend was spent listening to a lot of Jack's Mannequin, admiring fashiontoast, and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm not sure how I made it into the 2nd season since I think all of the characters are dbags. I had expected it to be similar to Arrested Development, but it isn't in the least. Let's just say the owners of Paddy's Pub are not as lovable as the Bluth family. It is also nowhere NEAR as witty as Arrested Development.

Interesting tid-bits from my life: 1) While in Rite Aid today looking at makeup a random man came up to me and asked me if I would purchase a bottle of Axe for him because he "really had it have it RIGHT NOW cause it's smelled reaalllly cool." Needless to say I wanted to scream "awkward..." 2) It started pouring.. er well LA pouring... on my way back from the grocery store which sucked, but I saw a double rainbow!

It seemed like just last month (cause, you know, it was) that I was infatuated with opaque tights. Really, my love for them stems from a high school obsession of wearing them with black, suede flats. It's a bit of a shame that I'm now reallllly over them, since I amassed quiet a few pairs of them (actually more like 5 but still) over winter break. Current objective: get my hands on some sheer black tights. I've been feeling so indifferent about all my clothes lately so maybe this can be something inspirational? 

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