basic beezies like me

sweater: gap, jacket: madewell, high waisted jeans: joe's jeans

Yeah, yeah, being a basic bitch isn't a good thing. But this outfit is so basic! Throw on a pair of smoking flats and I was good to go. A continuation of this "arctic freeze" in LA (the newscaster's words, not mine), it was deceivingly beautiful outside. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, yet it's barely in the mid 50s. If you're from basically most other places in the world, you're laughing at us, but we are a bunch of spoiled babies. Sadly, even this coat could not keep me warm :( At least starting Wednesday we are back into the 70s! YIPPEEE!!! (18 years growing up on the east coast has been wasted on me...)

 does it not look super warm?!

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