urban gardens

jacket: madewell, dress: gap, shoes: forever 21, boba mmm!

My interest in photography predates my immersion into the world of blogging. I think part of the reason I wanted to start blogging is that I had really grown distant from my camera during my freshman year of college. I tried doing a 365 day creative photo project during hs, but taking photos of what I was wearing seemed way more accessible and incorporated my love of clothes. I've never had any sort of proper lessons in photography, but as with many fields of life, by using google, a girl can learn a lot. I'd have to say one of my favorite parts of the day is golden hour. It's crazy how within the last hour of sunlight the difference in 10-30 minutes can make in your photos. Add in the hills and buildings of Los Angeles, and your change in lighting is even more dramatic. On the edge of campus I found this patch of random flowery plants, a pseudo garden you might say, right before the sun disappeared. I will most definitely be taking more photos here in the future. 

This dress was a total frumpy mess when I bought it. With my short stature, a knee length shift dress  seriously does me no favors. But my skills with any type of sewing ceased the minute I walked out of 8th grade home ec. But alas, equipped with an iron and some fabric glue, this $12 dress is at a wearable length, yay!

P.S Today's google logo in homage to Jackie Robinson! I feel like saying "big fan" or "big inspiration" sounds inappropriate  but my teenage mind is seriously lacking the proper terminology for what I want to convey. Pluuuuus he's an UCLA alum which makes me proud of my school!

a mere 30 minutes before previous 2 photos


jacket: madewell, t-shirt: james perse men's, jeans: citizens of humanity, shoes: urban outfitters

As I stated a few posts ago (okay, maybe a lot of posts ago, idk, these words are all relative), I am feeling lost in my clothing choices. For example, this outfit, 50% of the time I look at this outfit I want to fall asleep, but the other half of the time I think a clean cut classic look is totally acceptable. If you haven't realized yet, indecision is my best friend. I have a potentially really long rant that I am about to spew out... but I think I need some time to curate my thoughts into a more cohesive structure. & that's okay since I don't think my feelings on this topic are going to change anytime soon (I'm so badass starting my sentence with a conjunction #yolo.) Anyways, I have been trying to put myself on a "spending freeze" when it comes to clothes. I have a habit of depending on looking forward to just buying new clothes, but why shouldn't I try to work with what I've got? My accessories on the other hand, are seriously lacking, and I think that's where my funds should be allocated to for now. Let's see how this works out. 

Today, I am officially 19 and 1/2! Agh the thought of turning 20 and finally leaving my teen years scares the shit outta me.

 I will never not love palm trees <3

sorry my landscape photography skills are seriously lacking, I had no idea how to properly expose this

to the left: someone jogging through my shot #bloggerproblems

up top: HOW CUTE, puppy + sherlock holmes = a++++

I'm still thinkin about the red dress

red crochet dress: free people, jacket: hm, tights: hue

My mom picked this dress for me last year since a) she was keen on seeing me wear something that wasn't black/ grey/ navy and b) the crochet style reminded her of outfits she wore when she was younger in India. This weekend was spent listening to a lot of Jack's Mannequin, admiring fashiontoast, and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm not sure how I made it into the 2nd season since I think all of the characters are dbags. I had expected it to be similar to Arrested Development, but it isn't in the least. Let's just say the owners of Paddy's Pub are not as lovable as the Bluth family. It is also nowhere NEAR as witty as Arrested Development.

Interesting tid-bits from my life: 1) While in Rite Aid today looking at makeup a random man came up to me and asked me if I would purchase a bottle of Axe for him because he "really had it have it RIGHT NOW cause it's smelled reaalllly cool." Needless to say I wanted to scream "awkward..." 2) It started pouring.. er well LA pouring... on my way back from the grocery store which sucked, but I saw a double rainbow!

It seemed like just last month (cause, you know, it was) that I was infatuated with opaque tights. Really, my love for them stems from a high school obsession of wearing them with black, suede flats. It's a bit of a shame that I'm now reallllly over them, since I amassed quiet a few pairs of them (actually more like 5 but still) over winter break. Current objective: get my hands on some sheer black tights. I've been feeling so indifferent about all my clothes lately so maybe this can be something inspirational? 

Luke, I am your father

jeans: citizens of humanity, boots: arturo chiang, jacket: grey antics @ urban outfitters, star wars men's t-shirt

Closing my eyes and posing with an umbrella, eh?
According to all (okay, all is an over statement) the blogs, black and white is totally back for the upcoming season. Personally, I was not aware that black and white really ever really left... but I guess they were speaking about the high fashion designer runway world. 

I originally bought this shirt for my brother. but the colors were just "too much" for him. I think the colors remind me of some retro blue and red 3d effect from the 80s, which is perfect, since hello, it's star wars. And Darth Vadar/ Mr. Luke Skywalker is my favorite character from the series. As for the jacket, I think you either love it or hate it. I'm 50/50 about it, depends on when I look at it.

two new iphone cases, the one on the right was a total steal from shopbop

blank slate

sweater: american apparel, high-waisted skinnies: seven for all mankind roxanne, shoes: steve madden, bag: cambridge satchel

Don't ask why it look like my face is void of any sort of emotion, cause I don't really know. It's safe to say that ever since I was a child I was never one to really smile in photos. There is a steady supply of photos of me from my childhood where I'm looking serious (like while standing next to elmo, yeah, I was that kid) or my personal favorite, sticking my tongue out... something I still do. 

Day 2 of wearing a unisex top. I just cannot help it, they're so large and comfortable. This sweater makes me feel like I am walking around in a blanket. Wearing a simple get up of a sweater and some jeans got me thinking of what makes an outfit... less drab? I guess factors that I would take into consideration are how do the pieces fit on the individual, what are they styled with, do the colors match? Basically, what makes or breaks the outfit?

see no evil/ speak no evil
didn't realize how surprisingly easy it is to make gifs!

silver racing stripe

white t-shirt & denim shirt: urban outfitters, skirt: free people

Yeah this is a unisex shirt, and yeah it is too big, but I couldn't resist the rag union x urban outfitters collaboration. I love how it looks like someone just ran by with a paint brush with foily silver paint. Seriously just waiting for this sweater to go on sale (soon please!!!) The nice weather has seemed to pass and now we head into a gloomy few days :( On a more positive, I finally rid myself of my chipped blue nail polish! #productivity #kindof

While wearing this outfit today, I noticed sooo many people around campus sporting the denim top + black bottoms look. I'm not really 100% a fan of my exact outfit, so I'll def be sporting this top again soon. 

I seem to never be able to focus while at la bibliotheque. 

a week in shopping

It has been a crazzyyy week of sales and shopping. So today I'm relaxing and studying, exercising, and cleaning-- no shopping! But I thought I would make a quick post of my purchases.

the backs of two free people dresses with some deeeeeets
dress 1, dress 2

fluffy jacket!! I've been seeing a lot of these sherpa type jackets on online stores, but since I've never bought anything from such stores, I'm glad I found one at urban :)


 just a classic striped dress & skinny, black jeans


 shorts and an iphone cable... since I am always breaking/ losing mine. Plus it's so much cooler looking that the bland white ones, it looks like gum!

like a boy

men's t-shirt worn as dress: james perse, vest: zara, skirt: forever 21, socks: h&m, sneakers: converse, bag: urban outfitters, sunglasses: ray-ban aviators 

Today was a little crazy since I had an early morning class, went shopping, and then barely made it back for my afternoon class. It was a little embarrassing since I rushed into class with one minute to spare, toting this large, neon green shopping bag. But the trek to Venice for the planet blue sale was totally worth it since the entire store is 75% OFF, people! I can't wait to hit up the rest of the sales mentioned below this weekend :)

Jumping on the wearing a men's tshirt as a dress bandwagon. Does said bandwagon exist? I tried to sport the look, but in a less risque and more daytime appropriate than the frat party version (you know, sheer tights, open button down with bra peeking out.) Rather, I aimed for a more... 90s/ grungy look? I'm not so good at classifying these things. I slipped on a black body con underneath just to be safe so that I wouldn't be flashing people my badonkadonk. The vest was added to make it look less frumpy (my mom refers to such overly loose looks of mine as "pillowcases.)

the special weekend sales
american apparel: online only, take 30% off everything! including sale! with code BFF2013
asos: extra 15% off sale with code USLONGWEEKEND
bloomingdale's: extra 40% off sale, plus get 15% off with a coupon! I got mine in an email. If you don't have one they usually have an extra at the register.
free people: extra 20% off sale
gap: extra 40% off sale
j. crew: Extra 50% off sale. Alsoooo, if your cashier is super nice you can combine it with your 15% student discount :)
planet blue: 75% off ENTIRE Venice store. There are many, many options.
madewell: Extra 40% off sale!
urban outfitters: Extra 50% off sale. Go bonkers.
victoria's secret: Depends on the location but some have extra 50% off sale!

Happy savings!! (and of course happy MLKJ weekend!)

I bought this Antik Batik dress at the planet blue sale and I am sooo in love (buy it here)
photo from my instagram: @comealong_pond

miss in a maxi

scarf + cardigan + bag: urban outfitters, dress: lush (@ nordstrom bp), booties: h&m, sunglasses: ray-ban aviators

You guysssss, it finally hit 76 today in LA! I(and I think it's safe to say all the other Angelenos) am welcoming the warmer weather with wide open arms. What's more glorious than having a beautifully sunny, warm day in the dead of winter. 

As someone who towers at the height of 61 inches, I have many reservations in what I wear in fear that I will look like a stumpy, pudgy... gremlin. But maxis don't fall under that category! I've heard plenty of people voice their complaints along the lines of "I wish I could wear maxis :(." Well you can!! It's true, a lot of maxis are too long for us shorter folk, but there are also a vast sea of maxi dresses with elasticized waists. I personally prefer these so that you can hold up some of the cloth at the torso area, and it doesn't make you look shapeless. Or, you can always add your own belt. Another solution to the length issue is tying a knot at the bottom of the dress/ skirt, like I did in this outfit.  In order to add to the illusion of elongation, you can add some long layers. The cardigan, scarf, and even the long strap of my bag all follow this effect. Last but not least, a heel is an obvious way to make yourself feel taller!  P.S if you have reservations in fear of being judged or deterring from your usual style in wearing a maxis/ really anything.. whatever! YOLO! DO YOU :) :)

 Idk what I was doing..

 the knot!!

p.s this was my first post published on teen vogue, booyah!


cardigan: american apparel, denim shirt: urban outfitters, snake printed skinnies: seven for all mankind

It feels so weird to post one, sole, lonely photo. As a continuation of this... succinct trend, this post has come to its end.

basic beezies like me

sweater: gap, jacket: madewell, high waisted jeans: joe's jeans

Yeah, yeah, being a basic bitch isn't a good thing. But this outfit is so basic! Throw on a pair of smoking flats and I was good to go. A continuation of this "arctic freeze" in LA (the newscaster's words, not mine), it was deceivingly beautiful outside. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, yet it's barely in the mid 50s. If you're from basically most other places in the world, you're laughing at us, but we are a bunch of spoiled babies. Sadly, even this coat could not keep me warm :( At least starting Wednesday we are back into the 70s! YIPPEEE!!! (18 years growing up on the east coast has been wasted on me...)

 does it not look super warm?!

10 on 10

It seems crazy to think that I've been back at school for a solid week. In that week... I have made one blog post. Yikes. In my defense, I did try two other days but my photos were simply unsatisfactory. So instead of taking a photo of one my "arctic cold" lazy weekend outfits (it's scary how accurate this video is), I thought I would do a quick post on my favoritooo beauty products. Disclaimer: I do not really have any sort of knowledge in this field. I don't go out and try 100s of different products only to fall in love with the perfect one. Rather, I read what OTHERS (or really watch vlogs) have to say and then decide to try them out for myself. I just felt that my blog was being neglected and as I enjoy looking at pictures of makeup, voila, came this post! While I don't know about other products, I (clearly) use and approve of these products.

1) Chanel Rouge Coco in #19 Gabrielle: It has a very, very slight shimmer which you can't really see when you wear. Just a hydrating solid red lipstick. 
2) Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Spiced Cider: Blushes don't usually show up on my skin tone unless I cake it on, but this one does! & again, the shimmer isn't very noticeable. 
3) MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35: Used on an everyday basis (if I'm not feeling super lazy)
4) Chanel Velvet Top Coat: A matte top coat. Basically sold out everywhere online, but I've seen it around in the department stores. 
5) Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Scrub: It doesn't do much the first day. But after a few days of consecutive use my lips are smooth enough to wear lipstick #booyah 
6) Diorskin Forever Foundation in 030: The idea of putting on foundation seemed really intimidating, but after I overcame it, this became an everyday staple. 
7) Diorshow Waterproof Mascara: Cult favorite-- waterproof version
8) Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Literally 100s of videos on youtube on the wonders of this product. You don't need to apply a balm or worry about looking at a mirror, just roll it on.
9) Makeup Forever Under Eye Concealer in 345: A liquid-y under eye concealer.
10) Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eyeliner: I can't usually handle powder eyeliner, but this one stays on well! And it comes with a sponge type brush applier to use it with. 

back to school

dress: free people, blouse: h&m, boots: arturo chiang, lipstick: nars in scarlet empress

What am I doing? Oh, you know, just awkwardly smiling at the ground, just the usual. Technically I started classes yesterday.. but whatever. This outfit kind of feels like some sort of cross between a school girl and some 60s mod chick. I was so pumped that it was actually warm today! After a month of being forced to wear a stuffy coat whenever I stepped outside, the sun of southern California was calling me name. Although it wasn't that warm for the majority of the day (think high 60s), it was good enough for a girl who just got back from an east coast winter. The coupled effect of my mini jet lag and 8 AM classes (every. day. of. the. week. why.) my sleep schedule is super wacky. Oh, don't forget to add my cold and congestion into the mix.

Some pictures from after class I took on campus

battle wounds from the school of hard knocks... okay more like shaving scar from finally ridding my legs of hair so they could see the light of day

miss wu

As I was browsing through the internet today, I stumbled upon (not from the stumbled upon site though) this collection that I had never heard of. It's the Miss Wu collection and it's exclusive to Nordstrom! It's a bit (okay, a lot) out of my price range, but since when do I deny myself the right to look at pretty clothes? I kind of get some j. crew vibes... except maybe with a little pizzazz? I would have to say that my favorite look is the shift dress with the abstract blue print. Coming in a close second is the polka dot skirt with the wide brimmed hat. Ah if only I could have them all (or really I would totally settle for one.) 

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