tis the season (mini nyc photo diary)

coat: barney's co-op, gloves + bag: urban outfitters, shoes: converse, jeans: 7 for all mankind, sweater: h&m

Spent the day in the city with my mother. We went to go to the Indian consulate to get visas for my family, and spent the rest of the day shopping and walking around. Got some lunch at Kati Roll (mm) and picked up cupcakes from Sprinkles for my dad's birthday. I might have gotten a little trigger happy with my camera and have a vast amount of photos. But it's the holiday season and the overcast weather made for favorable lighting. I've got a hate love relationship with the holidays in the city. On one hand, there's all these people and decorations and sales-- on the other hand, there's SO MANY PEOPLE (even more than usual). It doesn't help that it's freeeezing cold.

 I'd say an outfit composed of converse + denim + sweater is a basic staple in the big book of looks.

Seems the final push I needed for purchasing a new pair of chucks was to leave my old ones on the other side of the country during winter break. Can't wait to scuff these ones up (who likes squeaky clean converse...)

nails: china glaze holly & wet n wild metallica
Holiday themed nails!

 at the public library near bryant park-- 95% chance I was talking to my mom while she took this

 roar! keeper of books

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