tis the season (mini nyc photo diary)

coat: barney's co-op, gloves + bag: urban outfitters, shoes: converse, jeans: 7 for all mankind, sweater: h&m

Spent the day in the city with my mother. We went to go to the Indian consulate to get visas for my family, and spent the rest of the day shopping and walking around. Got some lunch at Kati Roll (mm) and picked up cupcakes from Sprinkles for my dad's birthday. I might have gotten a little trigger happy with my camera and have a vast amount of photos. But it's the holiday season and the overcast weather made for favorable lighting. I've got a hate love relationship with the holidays in the city. On one hand, there's all these people and decorations and sales-- on the other hand, there's SO MANY PEOPLE (even more than usual). It doesn't help that it's freeeezing cold.

 I'd say an outfit composed of converse + denim + sweater is a basic staple in the big book of looks.

Seems the final push I needed for purchasing a new pair of chucks was to leave my old ones on the other side of the country during winter break. Can't wait to scuff these ones up (who likes squeaky clean converse...)

nails: china glaze holly & wet n wild metallica
Holiday themed nails!

 at the public library near bryant park-- 95% chance I was talking to my mom while she took this

 roar! keeper of books


  1. Yeah, I post a very long text this time, and I guess the translator widget can't translate correctly. My text talks about the beginning of this blog, why I chose "l'Instable Mona-Lena", it talks about clothes which are support to talk about my vision of the world as some people use painting or words or music, I use clothes. This text talks about my different identities (my real name, the little name my friends gave me and Mona-Lena), the fact that I used to think there's different personalities in me and in fact no, all these personalities are just part of one: me.
    This text is a little reflexion about some people I new here on the internet and how they became friends. It's about "why it could not be the end of the world" for make a little funny in this post. And other things :)

    I love your nails, your pics, and all you do here, very "inspiration for me" :)

  2. SUUUPER CUTE nails! And I love the coloring of your photos! :D

  3. I love New York and these photos are beautiful!

    The Chicagoenne

  4. Ahh, you take such nice photos! And I also hate the holidays in the city, the amount of people and the cold just makes me want to stay inside. Nice shot of the ZARA on 59th & Lexington btw. I pass that store everyday to get to work.

    Alicia-Neon Fox

  5. Hi.

    You take such beautiful photos.
    I think you had me at the Zara shot though! xx

  6. Love all of your photos!

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  7. love the sweater..and the all stars are an evergreen...

  8. nice shots!
    I would love you to visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC and bloglovin! Let me know!
    Have a nice day!

  9. Hi gorgeous, great photos,
    I'd love the visit that dream city too!! You look lovely:)
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!

  10. Fantastic photos! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  11. hi!!! wonderful pics, so inspiring!!
    Thanks a lot for your comment, would you wanna follow each other, let me know please...
    so many kisses for you

  12. This looks like a pleasant day (books + shopping + pictures = perfect). It's all about simplicity for the winter. Waaah, speaking of chucks, I need to get some more; I left my all black hi-tops in China :(((

  13. AWESOME PICTURES Mili! Oh Christmas in New York :)

    Nike O.

  14. Love these pics!! :) You look great!



  15. amazing photos! love your nails <33


  16. these photos are making me miss new york city so much!
    xx rae

  17. I'm so jealous you live near NYC! You look really warm and cozy in that sweater and coat, perfect for lots of walking in the cold! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    The Weekend Diary

  18. Gorgeous pics!! This makes me want to go to NYC so BAD!


    Tamara B.
    LilMissStyle Blog

  19. I love these photos!
    Great blog you have, check mine if you like.


  20. You make me so jealous! I want to go back to NYC so badly. Loving the holiday themed nails, such a cute idea! x

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  23. great look, love your nails ;)


  24. Love your nails and sweater!

    <3 Melissa

  25. What a fun post! Where do you commute from? I am thinking when the time comes of possibly buying a condo in Yonkers. New Years I am going up state to Peekskill for my Friends Mark and Dana's annual New Years Eve party.

    Ali of:

    1. If you mean "commute" in the sense of going into the city for work or school, I don't do that. But I many people from my town and area do! I live in Jersey and it's a short 30 minute train ride into Penn station :)

  26. This outfit is so unique!!And your pics are so beautiful, so artistic. Great job.
    Sending you best holiday wishes. Join my blog giveaway, win an attr@tivo outfit!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  27. Loving this mini tour of NYC :)

    When I first got my chucks my friends all had a go stomping on my toes to dirty them up, lol, no one likes squeaky clean chucks indeed..

    steph /


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