new old fashioned way

t-shirt (men's): star wars (stolen from brother), denim shirt: forever 21, zip-up: gap men's (stolen from brother), vest: gap, jeans: seven for all mankind, boots: hunter, gloves: urban outfitters, hat: gap kid's

Please excuse the close lipped Jack Torrance ish smile I'm sporting. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 

VOICES SINGING, "LET'S BE JOLLY!" Happy December, dear people of the blogosphere. Reporting back to duty from LA. Clearly, these photos were taken from my time home in Jersey, Tuesday to be exact. I woke up around noon to the beautiful sight of snow! Being home in the cold for like 4 days and I was already tired of throwing on a coat. So instead I threw on a bunch of layers and some winter garb. Believe it or not, I think mismatching layers with reckless abandon is kind of a classic wintery thing to do. As for the orange hat, I'm pretty sure I've had it since like the 5th grade, no big deal. I was so pumped to see the snow since I haven't seen any in more than a year!! Sadly, last December when I went home, there was no white Christmas :'(. Rounding up one more week of classes before finals and then winter break!! To be honest, I'm looking forward to seeing some sunshine before I head back home again. Ever since I've gotten back on Wednesday, the weather has been absolutely poopy. Now, back to listening to holiday music on repeat. (Rocking Around the Christmas Tree + Jbiebz's Mistletoe are my current favs.. with some Nutracker thrown in. OH! And Carol of the Bells- John Williams's Home Alone version)

most favorite gloves

sneaky sneaky

holiday funfetti cupcakes!

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