sunshine daises butter mellow


top: planet blue, skirt: forever 21, boots: arturo chiang

Holy canoli, the final week of classes for the quarter is here! Much to my chagrin, it was rainrizzling this morning, aka my new word for the LA precipitation phenomenon where the intensity of the water falling from the sky cannot make up its mind and varies from drizzle to actual rain. Since the horrible weather was not part of the forecast, and I was getting pretty sick with this cloudy business we have been dealing with for the past few days, I was pissed. THANKFULLY, the sunshine finally decided to make its debut this afternoon after 4 long, painful days of cloudiness. Alas, I didn't get to spend much time in the the glorious sun since I went to the library after snapping this pic quickly :( You can't really tell, but I am wearing lipstick in this picture!! It's a big step for me. I don't think I have worn lipstick since my dance recitals from my childhood-- I hated it and it was a real hassle for my mom to get any sort of makeup for me. I wasn't troublesome or anything...

I wanted to take my picture right next to this side door of the library, except there was a lone, smoking hipster kinda watching what I was doing. What's worse than a bystander ruining your photo opp?? A smoking one!! If you're a smoker and are offended by this proclamation, I'm sorry. Actually, I'm not-- you should be the one apologizing! To your lungs!

Instagram foodporn: lunch today from da dining halls
pizza bagel + sun-dried tomato cream cheese + cream of tomato soup + vanilla latte
IG account: @comealong_pond

I leave you with this gem. The chair I was sitting in the library was really cool and grand, and made me feel like I was the queen of Westeros or something. Clearly my attention span is very impressive and my time at the library was used well. 

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