t shirt: free people, purple shorts: seven for all mankind, cardigan: urban outfitters, booties: zara

My outfit photos from the past two days haven't been really satisfactory, so here's my outfit from today from instagram. While I'm at it, I decided to upload some pictures from the past 2.5 weeks. OFFICIALLY DONE WITH CLASSES FOR 2012!! 

1)peppermint hot cocoa fro-yo at yogurtland 2) addicted to booty #damnright 3) ootd earlier this week
4)  snow on my street at home! 5) had never seen Peet's coffee anywhere on the east coast, but apparently they had one at JFK. Waiting for my plane at 6 am #funtimes
6) outfit in the elevator 7) #holidayswag at the short hills mall 8)  shopping with my friend

photos from my account: @comealong_pond

Since I lost cannot locate my camera remote on a temporary basis, plus my finals, I won't be bloggginnn for a few days. Goodbye, internet

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