I'm blue a daba de daba di

I think we can all agree that song is one of the most annoying... of all time. But it always reminds me of the movie Big Fat Liar :)

paisley shorts: citizens of humanity (on sale, pants), raglan shirt: american apparel, cardigan + jacket: madewell

LAST DAY IN LA FOR 2012! Hence, why I am wearing shorts even though it was "freezing" for southern California standards. As for the long sleeve t-shirt... let's just say I have a collection of them since I was a bit obsessed in high school (as in double digits.) I schlepped to best buy today, and bought a remote. Woohoo! I have a late night flight from LAX to JFK in a few hours...and I have yet to start packing. I abhor packing, guess I shouldn't have decided to go to school on the other side of the country. Yippee for winter break and an east coast Christmas!!

 goodbye, palm trees

goodbye, library

from instagram
last meal in the dining hall/ outfit shot

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