I can't just go running off into the blue! I am a Baggins, of Bag End!

booties: steve madden, jeans: ag stevie ankle, sweater: h&m, glasses c/o firmoo

This morning afternoon when I rolled out of bed, my first thoughts were "where is the sun?!" Guess I forgot what it feels to have a REAL winter. While taking these pics it was kinda drizzling and my hair was still wet from my shower. So sorry about the bluriness :(

I bought these booties back over the summer, but this is my first time wearing them. They kind of remind me of go-go boots... which isn't a good thing. 

If you've scoured the blogosphere, you have probably heard of the brand firmoo. They sent me these glasses, and honestly they're kind of awesome. For their price, they're possibly even more stable than the only pair of glasses I own, my ray bans. I'm glad I have these so I can keep one pair of glasses in each of my school bags, so I don't have to go to class glass-less. They're really affordable and you can even give them as presents over the holidays :) Also, they have a first pair free program, and all you have to pay for is shipping! 

I SAW THE HOBBIT TODAY AND IT WAS REALLY GOOD AND I LOVE MARTIN FREEMAN. Afterwards I went to my cousins' house and my uncle asked me if I stitched my jeans cause they ripped. #awkward 

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