december day

dress: soft joie, jacket: zara, shoes: converse

Even amongst my impending doom, I can appreciate the weather in LA. I love that I can wear an outfit like this in December. Personally, comfort >>> style. A cotton maxi dress is a pretty good compromise to both, in my opinion. This particular maxi, has a split. I know I'm not the only one who gets annoyed finds it amusing when celebs (ahem Angelina Jolie, Lea Michelle) walk the red carpet jutting their leg out as if it's dislocated, thinking they're hot shit. Alas, I still do think the slit can look nice, and have been seeing it more recently on more casual styles. What I don't really like though, is when there are slits on both sides. I'm all for symmetry, but I feel like then the middle of the skirt looks like... a super elongated loin cloth or something #awkward. But with some side slit swag, I think it adds some PIZZAZ! And what kind of people don't want some of that in their lives?

Didn't get a proper nail shot this week :( But they're deborah lippmann don't tell mama

 yes, my converse are on the brink of death

instagram photo of the day:

I'm a little bit of an instagram addict. I go on it on the way to class, while bored in class, in my bed, during meals, basically anytime to waste 5 minutes. 

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