BASE-jumping uniform

camo shirt: zara, tank top: urban outfitter's mens, shorts: j brand, socks: h&m, sneakers: superga, necklace: h&m

Hell wonderful wizarding blogging world of harry potter the internet. Can you believe that 2012 is almost over? We tackled crazy things such as Snookie giving birth, IN MY TOWN nonetheless, and the end of the world (I would say "take that, Mayans" but it's pretty impressive that they made a calendar that spanned to 2012.) I don't think I ever realized how numbered the days between Christmas and New Year's are. In a little over a week, I trek back to the other side of the US of A to start school. 

Realistically, I could not wear this outfit outdoors. I mean, I technically COULD, but since I don't care for my legs to turn into icicles in the below 30 weather, I refrained. But after being nice and toasty in my house from lounging around in oversized sweaters and uggs, I threw on these newly acquired shorts (which I WILL be able to wear when school commences #optimism.) So yeah, when I stepped out, I threw on some boring blue jeans. I've been spending my days alternating between two sweaters, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of sneakers, and the same coat. I didn't do much besides hang out with my family and have a weeklong Lord of the Rings marathon, but still, change is good-- even if it's just in the wardrobe department. Since LOTR has been completed (it took FIVE DAYS), today starts Batman. Can I just say, Katie Holmes looks like a different person in this movie. I haven't seen the entirety of Batman Begins in forever, and now I see that it completely pales in comparison to Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. Number 1 on next year's christmas wish list: bat mobile. 

I bought this camo shirt after visiting two Zaras in the city yesterday with my mom, and she was concerned if I had super secret plans to join the army. I told her I just needed inspiration to fight the battleground which was the Zara sale (seriously.. so many determined shoppers!) My brother had similar sentiments questioning the style of the shirt. If my family thinks a piece of my outfit look odd-- I take that as a sign of accomplishment. Fighting suburbia! Yeah! These shoes with the socks pretty much scream nurseladyeperson. And yeah, I may judge those people who walk with their crew socks paired with athletic sneakers and who knows what clothing they threw on that morning. But my inner 90s kid took over and as I stated on my previous post-- I'm all about the socks. 

SO this was a really long post, I think the longest ever. But this is my blog, and I felt like blabbing. If you read this entire thing, I envy your attention span.

my shirt mask is cooler than batman's I wish

fixin mah shirt

collection of bags/ boxes in a corner of my room since I'm too lazy to throw then out as they come in #hoarderproblems

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