30 rock (NYC... again)

sweater: h&m, skirt: free people (on sale!, here, here) tights: american eagle, socks: borrowed from mom, heels: nine west

Went into the city this afternoon/ night to see the big tree as per request of my mother. It was an absolute mad house, oh my gosh. We wanted to go over to the westside for dinner in hell's kitchen and we had to pass through the deepest pit of Dante's Inferno, or as it is more commonly referred to, Times Square. Despite my many protests, my family deemed it acceptable to pass through that hellhole. By the end of our grueling journey through those never-ending blocks, even they were aggravated (cause they've never been there once... or like 70 times.) The saddest thing I experienced were the lost souls calling out, "excuse me," or even more astonishing, an apology! As if we were still humans and not a stampede of wildebeests. Wow, sorry, I needed to get that out of my system.

For someone who goes to school in California, but is originally from the east coast, I frequently get asked questions along the line of "which one do you prefer?" After said experience, I think I'm starting to lean towards LA. Don't get me wrong, I will always love Jersey-- but I'd like to think of myself as a city girl. And right now, LA is winning over my heart, sorry NYC. 

Took these snaps in my house before we headed out. I think my taste in clothes has a cyclical motion. I'm officially endorsing wearing longer socks with shoes (ankle, calf, knee, thigh-- I ain't picky.) Whereas a few years ago, I would cringe at the thought of a sliver of my sock peeking out of my shoes.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HAPPY HOLIDAYS :) Hope your days are filled with sweet things, laughter, and of course-- presents!!

 awkward is my middle name

necklace: j. crew
threw this on before I left the house 

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