na na na na na na batman

t-shirt: junk food men's, cardigan: h&m, cargo denim: j brand houlihan, shoes: superga

Ayo. Meme face is back. Stole this t-shirt from my brother and it's sooo comfortable. I don't think it's going back into his closet. I watched Dark Knight last night, which was filled with Christopher Nolan goodness, so this shirt was super appropriate. Bringing back the cargo pants from high school-- boyaah. My last post from Jersey for 2012 :O

P.S we survived 2012 but... 2013 is the year of a KIMYE BABY?! Should we be concerned? Dun dun dun. 

nails: OPI strager tides and Essie set in stones 

BASE-jumping uniform

camo shirt: zara, tank top: urban outfitter's mens, shorts: j brand, socks: h&m, sneakers: superga, necklace: h&m

Hell wonderful wizarding blogging world of harry potter the internet. Can you believe that 2012 is almost over? We tackled crazy things such as Snookie giving birth, IN MY TOWN nonetheless, and the end of the world (I would say "take that, Mayans" but it's pretty impressive that they made a calendar that spanned to 2012.) I don't think I ever realized how numbered the days between Christmas and New Year's are. In a little over a week, I trek back to the other side of the US of A to start school. 

Realistically, I could not wear this outfit outdoors. I mean, I technically COULD, but since I don't care for my legs to turn into icicles in the below 30 weather, I refrained. But after being nice and toasty in my house from lounging around in oversized sweaters and uggs, I threw on these newly acquired shorts (which I WILL be able to wear when school commences #optimism.) So yeah, when I stepped out, I threw on some boring blue jeans. I've been spending my days alternating between two sweaters, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of sneakers, and the same coat. I didn't do much besides hang out with my family and have a weeklong Lord of the Rings marathon, but still, change is good-- even if it's just in the wardrobe department. Since LOTR has been completed (it took FIVE DAYS), today starts Batman. Can I just say, Katie Holmes looks like a different person in this movie. I haven't seen the entirety of Batman Begins in forever, and now I see that it completely pales in comparison to Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. Number 1 on next year's christmas wish list: bat mobile. 

I bought this camo shirt after visiting two Zaras in the city yesterday with my mom, and she was concerned if I had super secret plans to join the army. I told her I just needed inspiration to fight the battleground which was the Zara sale (seriously.. so many determined shoppers!) My brother had similar sentiments questioning the style of the shirt. If my family thinks a piece of my outfit look odd-- I take that as a sign of accomplishment. Fighting suburbia! Yeah! These shoes with the socks pretty much scream nurseladyeperson. And yeah, I may judge those people who walk with their crew socks paired with athletic sneakers and who knows what clothing they threw on that morning. But my inner 90s kid took over and as I stated on my previous post-- I'm all about the socks. 

SO this was a really long post, I think the longest ever. But this is my blog, and I felt like blabbing. If you read this entire thing, I envy your attention span.

my shirt mask is cooler than batman's I wish

fixin mah shirt

collection of bags/ boxes in a corner of my room since I'm too lazy to throw then out as they come in #hoarderproblems

30 rock (NYC... again)

sweater: h&m, skirt: free people (on sale!, here, here) tights: american eagle, socks: borrowed from mom, heels: nine west

Went into the city this afternoon/ night to see the big tree as per request of my mother. It was an absolute mad house, oh my gosh. We wanted to go over to the westside for dinner in hell's kitchen and we had to pass through the deepest pit of Dante's Inferno, or as it is more commonly referred to, Times Square. Despite my many protests, my family deemed it acceptable to pass through that hellhole. By the end of our grueling journey through those never-ending blocks, even they were aggravated (cause they've never been there once... or like 70 times.) The saddest thing I experienced were the lost souls calling out, "excuse me," or even more astonishing, an apology! As if we were still humans and not a stampede of wildebeests. Wow, sorry, I needed to get that out of my system.

For someone who goes to school in California, but is originally from the east coast, I frequently get asked questions along the line of "which one do you prefer?" After said experience, I think I'm starting to lean towards LA. Don't get me wrong, I will always love Jersey-- but I'd like to think of myself as a city girl. And right now, LA is winning over my heart, sorry NYC. 

Took these snaps in my house before we headed out. I think my taste in clothes has a cyclical motion. I'm officially endorsing wearing longer socks with shoes (ankle, calf, knee, thigh-- I ain't picky.) Whereas a few years ago, I would cringe at the thought of a sliver of my sock peeking out of my shoes.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HAPPY HOLIDAYS :) Hope your days are filled with sweet things, laughter, and of course-- presents!!

 awkward is my middle name

necklace: j. crew
threw this on before I left the house 

tis the season (mini nyc photo diary)

coat: barney's co-op, gloves + bag: urban outfitters, shoes: converse, jeans: 7 for all mankind, sweater: h&m

Spent the day in the city with my mother. We went to go to the Indian consulate to get visas for my family, and spent the rest of the day shopping and walking around. Got some lunch at Kati Roll (mm) and picked up cupcakes from Sprinkles for my dad's birthday. I might have gotten a little trigger happy with my camera and have a vast amount of photos. But it's the holiday season and the overcast weather made for favorable lighting. I've got a hate love relationship with the holidays in the city. On one hand, there's all these people and decorations and sales-- on the other hand, there's SO MANY PEOPLE (even more than usual). It doesn't help that it's freeeezing cold.

 I'd say an outfit composed of converse + denim + sweater is a basic staple in the big book of looks.

Seems the final push I needed for purchasing a new pair of chucks was to leave my old ones on the other side of the country during winter break. Can't wait to scuff these ones up (who likes squeaky clean converse...)

nails: china glaze holly & wet n wild metallica
Holiday themed nails!

 at the public library near bryant park-- 95% chance I was talking to my mom while she took this

 roar! keeper of books

sun shines on

shoes: converse, tights: hue, skirt: h&m, sweater: 525 america, vest: zara, nail polish: neon by american apparel

I seem to have been a little overexcited that there was actual sunlight out and went ahead and took photos in the harshest time of light. Hence, why my shoes look like they're glowing... and not included in any pictures.

Hasty post cause now I'm off to my second appointment of the day-- the eye doctor (first was with the dentist.) For someone who wants to go into the field of medicine.. I really don't like going to see doctors myself.

I can't just go running off into the blue! I am a Baggins, of Bag End!

booties: steve madden, jeans: ag stevie ankle, sweater: h&m, glasses c/o firmoo

This morning afternoon when I rolled out of bed, my first thoughts were "where is the sun?!" Guess I forgot what it feels to have a REAL winter. While taking these pics it was kinda drizzling and my hair was still wet from my shower. So sorry about the bluriness :(

I bought these booties back over the summer, but this is my first time wearing them. They kind of remind me of go-go boots... which isn't a good thing. 

If you've scoured the blogosphere, you have probably heard of the brand firmoo. They sent me these glasses, and honestly they're kind of awesome. For their price, they're possibly even more stable than the only pair of glasses I own, my ray bans. I'm glad I have these so I can keep one pair of glasses in each of my school bags, so I don't have to go to class glass-less. They're really affordable and you can even give them as presents over the holidays :) Also, they have a first pair free program, and all you have to pay for is shipping! 

I SAW THE HOBBIT TODAY AND IT WAS REALLY GOOD AND I LOVE MARTIN FREEMAN. Afterwards I went to my cousins' house and my uncle asked me if I stitched my jeans cause they ripped. #awkward 

I'm blue a daba de daba di

I think we can all agree that song is one of the most annoying... of all time. But it always reminds me of the movie Big Fat Liar :)

paisley shorts: citizens of humanity (on sale, pants), raglan shirt: american apparel, cardigan + jacket: madewell

LAST DAY IN LA FOR 2012! Hence, why I am wearing shorts even though it was "freezing" for southern California standards. As for the long sleeve t-shirt... let's just say I have a collection of them since I was a bit obsessed in high school (as in double digits.) I schlepped to best buy today, and bought a remote. Woohoo! I have a late night flight from LAX to JFK in a few hours...and I have yet to start packing. I abhor packing, guess I shouldn't have decided to go to school on the other side of the country. Yippee for winter break and an east coast Christmas!!

 goodbye, palm trees

goodbye, library

from instagram
last meal in the dining hall/ outfit shot

new in

Holy cannoli, I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. Finals are finally done and I'm leaving LA tomorrow until 2013! The status of my remote has been demoted from temporarily misplaced to definitely lost. Consequently, no outfit posts until I pick a new one up (self timer can kiss my butt.) I've been debating whether it is better to not post at all, or post rather poor photos. Eventually, I felt as if my blog must have been feeling neglected, and went with the later decision (anthropomorphism whassup)

Soooo here is the booty from my shopping trip treasure hunt from out and about the city. I hate taking photos without natural light, but by the time I got back there was virtually no sun :(

So I first fell in love with this dress when I saw Olivia Palermo wearing it on fashion's night out. I forgot about it until I saw it in person a few weeks ago at Cusp, but still didn't seize the opportunity to buy it. Then lo and behold! It was on sale at bloomingdale's today and it was absolutely necessary that I purchase it. Look at the awesome button down back.

sweater: h&m

Been looking for a solid turtleneck sweater for some time, and this one was love at first sight. The slightly dipped hem line, the color, and the pattern all scream winter! Most definitely will be wearing this a lot during winter in the east coast. 

necklace: forever 21 (similar)

The nail polish isn't new but I figured I would post my nails of the week since I haven't had a chance to.
Butter London Artful Dodger (zappos, urban outfitters, revolve) and Butter London Bluey 

Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. Imagine my delight when they whipped out this number on tonight's episode of Elementary (if you haven't seen this show-- DO!)
"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"


t shirt: free people, purple shorts: seven for all mankind, cardigan: urban outfitters, booties: zara

My outfit photos from the past two days haven't been really satisfactory, so here's my outfit from today from instagram. While I'm at it, I decided to upload some pictures from the past 2.5 weeks. OFFICIALLY DONE WITH CLASSES FOR 2012!! 

1)peppermint hot cocoa fro-yo at yogurtland 2) addicted to booty #damnright 3) ootd earlier this week
4)  snow on my street at home! 5) had never seen Peet's coffee anywhere on the east coast, but apparently they had one at JFK. Waiting for my plane at 6 am #funtimes
6) outfit in the elevator 7) #holidayswag at the short hills mall 8)  shopping with my friend

photos from my account: @comealong_pond

Since I lost cannot locate my camera remote on a temporary basis, plus my finals, I won't be bloggginnn for a few days. Goodbye, internet

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