trolling on a true fall day

shirt: forever 21, jeans: hudson, jacket + booties: h&m

Herp derp derp. Making squinty faces at the camera even though there is no sun?? I wasn't looking forward to the rain and cold, but once it hit it was a nice change. As per usual it rained a bit in the morning, leaving the rest of the day to be chilly and cloudy. The humidity got to my hair, sadly. I have on and off feelings about the shirt I'm wearing. It's ugly... but it an interesting way? Maybe in a manrepeller fashion? IDK. I'm just glad that classes are over for the day, and now I can focus on watching tv studying for my midterms next week. Yippeee!! On a side note, I'm becoming way better at not caring about taking pictures in public.

In other news, James Franco was spotted on campus, incognito AS A HOBO. Well I am not sure if he meant to be disguised as a hobo, but he looked like one nevertheless.

 my pov

Look!! It looks like it's actually fall!!

If you watch the daily show with Jon Stewart, then you'll know he has an entertaining "moment of zen" to finish off each episode. Here is MY moment of zen, courtesy of fox news:

"Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better, or is it real?"- Megyn Kelly

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