miss sassyface mcgee

 tiered maxi dress: h&m, denim jacket: zara, sandals: steve madden

Not sure what I'm doing with my hands in the second picture? Yes I am the crazy person who wears a denim jacket in 90+ degree weather, I have this thing with not exposing my arms/ back. Here is my hair completely au natural, didn't even fix my bangs. Usually I go to sleep with my hair partially wet so it dries funky, making me have to curl or straighten pieces in order for it to look somewhat acceptable. But for once I washed my hair in the middle of the day and let it air dry, booyah! IThis was my first maxi that I bought, way back when in senior year. It was a big move, and I felt timid wearing it to school. I'm proud to say now wearing such things are no big deal to me #selfconfidence! 

 sassy face

 nail color this week: essie no more film

lunch saturday from corner bakery cafe, it's kind of like panera bread


my new wallpaper :) I wish this were my puppy, he's so cute!!!

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