Have been absent from the internet due to 1) my friend visiting 2) it's been so cold brr 3) I'm dying... not really, I'm just sick and a big baby 4) I have exams this week. Ipso facto, here are some quick insta snaps from the weekend. Happy veteran's day-- no class for me!

 1. magnolia bakery // 2. izakaya @ kasuya 
3. friend at izakaya @katsuya// 4. window display at haus interior

 1. lunch at the farmer's market at the grove // 2. tree lighting ceremony at the grove
3. dylan's candy bar in LA...FINALLY!// 4. palm trees + xmas lights are my favorite

1. dinner at urth caffe beverly hills// 2. got my friend hooked so green tea w/ coconut at urth caffe santa monica

 1. red cups @ starbucks // 2. fat sal's
3. mexican food// 4. swinging at the beach

instagram account: comealong_pond

also, RIP JELENA </3

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