giving back

photos from mocoloco

I know in the past years the USA has dealt with several natural disasters, and everyone tries to do their part in volunteering and donating. The difference to me is that hurricane sandy hit close to home-- literally. The jersey shore has been torn up, the subways and trains have been flooded, places that are integral to my childhood memories, ruined. While I've been fortunate enough to be in LA at school, the thought of my home being wrecked is sad. My parents/ little brother finally got electricity yesterday, after almost a week-- and I know of others who still are powerless! If you're out there battling the aftermath, best of luck to you! 

While wandering the internet this Sunday, I came across this interesting relief project. These t-shirts are designed by Sebastian Errazuriz in collaboration with the soho studio Grey Space. I'm still debating which t shirt I should purchase. All proceeds from these shirts go to hurricane sandy relief programs. A great way to do your part, and get a really cool looking t shirt out of it :)

You can purchase them HERE

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