getting dressed

denim shirt: forever 21, high waisted jeans: joe's jeans, smoking flats: steve madden, bag: cambridge satchel, necklace: zara 

Lazy outfit for a lazy day. It feels so weird not having anything to really worry about...seeing as that Thanksgiving break is coming up and I don't have any exams till the second week of December. Being on the quarter system, it usually feels like I ALWAYS have some sort of paper or exam coming up. But since lab is cancelled next week, I have absolutely no work!! Except for some reading, which let's be real, I will probably not read until after break. 

Indecision is my middle name. Lately, I feel like I am in a clothing slump with nothing to wear. Then again, I think regardless of the amount of shopping I do I ALWAYS feel like I have nothing to wear. This morning, like most mornings, (or really afternoon in today's case), I go through several outfits. I based what I wanted to wear off this necklace since I bought it and sort of forgot about it. 

The rejected outfits:

left: tee: madewell, cardigan: h&m, jeans & necklace are the same that I actually wore
right: same tee, shorts: madewell, pea coat: gap

In the end I just wore the chambray shirt and jeans since I was feeling... blah (so poetic)

 too lazy to match the two photos.. my b

 green tea boba with coconut on ice... I've been having this at least once a week for the past month #addicted 

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