bundle up

infinity scarf + sweater: urban outfitters, vest: zara, jeggings: ag

Looks like I've got some weird half smile/ smirk action going on, I don't really know. Obviously had to layer up to prepare myself for temperatures ranging from 55 to 70 degrees, although the sweater isn't really appropriate for the latter. It's really warm and fuzzy and makes me feel like it's winter! These jeans, or should I say jeggings, are the comfiest things ever. They stretch sooo much and I feel like I'm wearing tights. The scarf is part of my collection of scarves, let's just say I was obsessed in high school (they're like blankets for your neck!!) While I was bundled up in this get up, I passed an odd pair of girls on my way back from class this morning. Donning ovesized tank tops with bright cotton shorts, equipped with red solo cups, they headed onto campus or dare I say, class? I really don't get some people. 

crazy bun action right there

excuse me while I listen to some music in order to try to get the creepy american horror story theme song out of my head... 

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