skirt: h&m, t shirt: madewell, cardigan: aqua for bloomingdale's

A really, really quick pre Thanksgiving post-- the quickness is reflected in the pictures not being edited in the same way, whoops. Recently I haven't been in really in the mood to do...anything. Consequently, my somewhat melancholy attitude has left me mostly just wearing sweats around the dorms. I picked this skirt up at the h&m pre black Friday sale. I know I could have dressed it up in a better way, and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will when I go home. YAY THANKSGIVING BREAK! I think a quick trip back home is just what I need to get out of this funk. The cold will shock me back to normalcy. Let's all get pumped for the the holiday season!! A serious perk of the holiday season is holiday sales and shopping! A girl (or guy) can't resist! 

Home, here I come!! :)
Hope you all have wonderful Thanksgivings and even more wonderfuller (yeah, that's right, I make up my own words, deal with it) post thanksgiving shopping trips! 

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