eagle shirt: zara, hoodie: pink by victoria's secret, denim contrast sleeve jacket: urban outfitters, skirt: h&m

BEAT SC BEAT SC BEAT SC! Today, for the first time in SIX YEARS, UCLA beat USC at the annual rivalry game at the rose bowl. Let's just say it was a pretty big deal. If you have no interest in college sports or football, I suggest you skip this paragraph. I need to get my excitement out of my system. I would be lying to you if I claimed to have high hopes for this game, seeing as we got our asses handed to us last year. BUUTTT this year we beat the school on the other (grosser) side of town. Last year we won the PAC 12 championship because their team was on probation for shady business (real classy of them, right?). But this year, we earned the pac 12- south title fair and square! What a wonderful ending to rivalry week, where we were clever enough to coordinate a provocative sign in the dorms, while they retaliated with their oh so clever and well thought out "prank" of defacing our school sign with spray painted penises. Oh well, after the game we get to come home to wonderful westwood while they schlepp back to their gated campus in downtown (ew.) We run this town! Can you tell I love my school? 

Another positive thing is I bought last minute tickets to fly home for Thanksgiving! I'm so excited! The only downside is I couldn't fly earlier cause I have to attend lab :( As you can tell, it was kinda rainy today. When I say "kinda" cause as an east coast gal, I don't really classify it as real rain. It's varying levels of sprinkling and I don't know whether to use an umbrella or not. Oh well, I just packed the layers on top. My hair got a little wild with all the rain. #cantbetamed

 boots I bought for $10 last weekend at urban outfitters #win

 holiday nails for the week! essie in leading lady from their new holiday collection, and OPI in color so hot it berns on my index finger

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend like I am :)
I leave you with this inappropriate yet amusing tidbit I stole from facebook:
"Trojans break when Bruins come" ;)

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