an ode to Helena Ravenclaw

 spacey wacey
shorts + sweatshirt: free people, button down: h&m

Hehe harry potter reference in the title post (cause she's the grey lady.) If you got it, four for you, you go! Ummm I seemed to have snoozed my way through FOUR ALARMS while unconscious this morning. I guess you could say I am a heavy sleeper. Consequently, I had little to no time to get dressed before class, so I threw on some grey things. If you flip through my closet, it would be safe to say that there are a lot of dark/ neutral colors-- navy, black (lots of it), and shades of white. In addition to its grey color, I have to say I am quite a fan of this top cause it takes a sweatshirt and adds some PIZAZZ. Last but not least, happy election day 2012!! Finalllly the campaigning can come to an end! Hallelujah!!! Earlier today I was tracking the election results map like it's my job, for whatever reason, I found it really entertaining. #gobama Congrats Mr. President for two terms!

 chillin by the fire water while we're eating fondue drinking iced tea, all thanks to perf LA weather 

 sparkles on my shoulder

 crazy lady

thug lyfe, yo

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