balancing act

sweater: zara, button down: banana republic, jeans: ag, booties: zara

So I bought these booties midnight of Friday, and they came in the next day!! And I didn't even pay for express shipping!! What a great surprise. Saw the latest James Bond movie yesterday, and I must say I was a fan. Also picked up the sweater I'm wearing from the zara sale in stores. Did some more shopping today, and actually had time to take outfit photos BEFORE the sun set! I hope I can try to take some photos that I actually like (aka spending time looking at the exposure and angling and such) before I go back to school.


could honestly care less that these are old, they will definitely be making frequent appearances on the blog

massive stump left over from sandy in my backyard :O

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend :)
will work on responding to comments tomorrow night! xx

black friday

sweatshirt: league for UCLA, jeans: genetic denim, boots: arturo chiang, jacket: barney's co-op, infinity scarf: INC international concepts 

Quick photo before grabbing fro yo!

Happy beginning to the holiday shopping season! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I woke up at 6 AM to hit up the mall, but didn't find much success, sadly. Since I didn't bring a full on suitcase for my mini trip, I don't have many clothing options. I found these jeans and scarf hiding in my closet, it's always fun discovering things you forgot you had in your closet. The sweatshirt is a present I bought for my brother last year. Basically, nothing I am wearing was in my suitcase-- besides for my coat. I'd like to think of this outfit as a cross between feeling cozy and lazy, but not wanting to opt for sweatpants and uggs. Unfortunately, I bought NO CLOTHES today-- what a travesty. But I did order online these zara booties that are kind of old but I have wanted forever. It feels odd wearing so many layers, guess I'm just preparing for winter break!!

blurry picture of Thanksgiving dinner in the process of being set up

dad + turkey+ uncle



skirt: h&m, t shirt: madewell, cardigan: aqua for bloomingdale's

A really, really quick pre Thanksgiving post-- the quickness is reflected in the pictures not being edited in the same way, whoops. Recently I haven't been in really in the mood to do...anything. Consequently, my somewhat melancholy attitude has left me mostly just wearing sweats around the dorms. I picked this skirt up at the h&m pre black Friday sale. I know I could have dressed it up in a better way, and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will when I go home. YAY THANKSGIVING BREAK! I think a quick trip back home is just what I need to get out of this funk. The cold will shock me back to normalcy. Let's all get pumped for the the holiday season!! A serious perk of the holiday season is holiday sales and shopping! A girl (or guy) can't resist! 

Home, here I come!! :)
Hope you all have wonderful Thanksgivings and even more wonderfuller (yeah, that's right, I make up my own words, deal with it) post thanksgiving shopping trips! 

getting dressed

denim shirt: forever 21, high waisted jeans: joe's jeans, smoking flats: steve madden, bag: cambridge satchel, necklace: zara 

Lazy outfit for a lazy day. It feels so weird not having anything to really worry about...seeing as that Thanksgiving break is coming up and I don't have any exams till the second week of December. Being on the quarter system, it usually feels like I ALWAYS have some sort of paper or exam coming up. But since lab is cancelled next week, I have absolutely no work!! Except for some reading, which let's be real, I will probably not read until after break. 

Indecision is my middle name. Lately, I feel like I am in a clothing slump with nothing to wear. Then again, I think regardless of the amount of shopping I do I ALWAYS feel like I have nothing to wear. This morning, like most mornings, (or really afternoon in today's case), I go through several outfits. I based what I wanted to wear off this necklace since I bought it and sort of forgot about it. 

The rejected outfits:

left: tee: madewell, cardigan: h&m, jeans & necklace are the same that I actually wore
right: same tee, shorts: madewell, pea coat: gap

In the end I just wore the chambray shirt and jeans since I was feeling... blah (so poetic)

 too lazy to match the two photos.. my b

 green tea boba with coconut on ice... I've been having this at least once a week for the past month #addicted 


eagle shirt: zara, hoodie: pink by victoria's secret, denim contrast sleeve jacket: urban outfitters, skirt: h&m

BEAT SC BEAT SC BEAT SC! Today, for the first time in SIX YEARS, UCLA beat USC at the annual rivalry game at the rose bowl. Let's just say it was a pretty big deal. If you have no interest in college sports or football, I suggest you skip this paragraph. I need to get my excitement out of my system. I would be lying to you if I claimed to have high hopes for this game, seeing as we got our asses handed to us last year. BUUTTT this year we beat the school on the other (grosser) side of town. Last year we won the PAC 12 championship because their team was on probation for shady business (real classy of them, right?). But this year, we earned the pac 12- south title fair and square! What a wonderful ending to rivalry week, where we were clever enough to coordinate a provocative sign in the dorms, while they retaliated with their oh so clever and well thought out "prank" of defacing our school sign with spray painted penises. Oh well, after the game we get to come home to wonderful westwood while they schlepp back to their gated campus in downtown (ew.) We run this town! Can you tell I love my school? 

Another positive thing is I bought last minute tickets to fly home for Thanksgiving! I'm so excited! The only downside is I couldn't fly earlier cause I have to attend lab :( As you can tell, it was kinda rainy today. When I say "kinda" cause as an east coast gal, I don't really classify it as real rain. It's varying levels of sprinkling and I don't know whether to use an umbrella or not. Oh well, I just packed the layers on top. My hair got a little wild with all the rain. #cantbetamed

 boots I bought for $10 last weekend at urban outfitters #win

 holiday nails for the week! essie in leading lady from their new holiday collection, and OPI in color so hot it berns on my index finger

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend like I am :)
I leave you with this inappropriate yet amusing tidbit I stole from facebook:
"Trojans break when Bruins come" ;)

black on black on black

shoes: deena & ozzy, denim jacket: vintage calvin klein jeans, dress: free people

DONE WITH MIDTERMS! WOOHOOO!! Now just a little under a month till finals, and winter break!! Currently catching up on hours worth of tv <3

Some old photos that I took this summer but never really edited. I think they portray the laziness that I basically feel right now.  I have a habit of borrowing clothes from my family members, and this coat is my dad's. I'm pretty sure it's older than me. Also, pretty sure those are my brother's sunglasses... from his old halloween costume. Resourceful, eh?

title inspired by lyrics of:

venice beach

plus some Santa Monica and Beverly Hills-- basically out and about in LA this weekend with my visiting friend. Eeep I don't have much to say, except this is an explosion of random pictures I quickly edited. I have really been neglecting my blog :( I know the internet sincerely misses my usual dose of... snark charm. (hah, jokes). 

 but why is the rum gone?


um how cool is this wall outside of maison martin margiela? 

Promise to respond to all comments by this weekend!!! :)


Have been absent from the internet due to 1) my friend visiting 2) it's been so cold brr 3) I'm dying... not really, I'm just sick and a big baby 4) I have exams this week. Ipso facto, here are some quick insta snaps from the weekend. Happy veteran's day-- no class for me!

 1. magnolia bakery // 2. izakaya @ kasuya 
3. friend at izakaya @katsuya// 4. window display at haus interior

 1. lunch at the farmer's market at the grove // 2. tree lighting ceremony at the grove
3. dylan's candy bar in LA...FINALLY!// 4. palm trees + xmas lights are my favorite

1. dinner at urth caffe beverly hills// 2. got my friend hooked so green tea w/ coconut at urth caffe santa monica

 1. red cups @ starbucks // 2. fat sal's
3. mexican food// 4. swinging at the beach

instagram account: comealong_pond

also, RIP JELENA </3

trolling on a true fall day

shirt: forever 21, jeans: hudson, jacket + booties: h&m

Herp derp derp. Making squinty faces at the camera even though there is no sun?? I wasn't looking forward to the rain and cold, but once it hit it was a nice change. As per usual it rained a bit in the morning, leaving the rest of the day to be chilly and cloudy. The humidity got to my hair, sadly. I have on and off feelings about the shirt I'm wearing. It's ugly... but it an interesting way? Maybe in a manrepeller fashion? IDK. I'm just glad that classes are over for the day, and now I can focus on watching tv studying for my midterms next week. Yippeee!! On a side note, I'm becoming way better at not caring about taking pictures in public.

In other news, James Franco was spotted on campus, incognito AS A HOBO. Well I am not sure if he meant to be disguised as a hobo, but he looked like one nevertheless.

 my pov

Look!! It looks like it's actually fall!!

If you watch the daily show with Jon Stewart, then you'll know he has an entertaining "moment of zen" to finish off each episode. Here is MY moment of zen, courtesy of fox news:

"Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better, or is it real?"- Megyn Kelly

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