what do you mean it's fall?

 skirt: nordstrom BP, sleeveless button down: american apparel, cardigan: ck jeans, bag: cambridge satchel, 

Exams for the week are over as of last night! As a celebratory gesture for my freedom, I underwent some retail therapy. I also grabbed some boba from urth caffe and visited my favorite cupcake spot-- Sprinkles! Mmm didn't really know what to wear this morning, even though for once I actually had time to think about it. Threw this on since it was one of my go to outfits last year. I have a tendency to become really obsessed with a certain type of item/ look, and then eventually get bored of it. Last year, it was maxis. I'm really pooped so this is the end. PS the intense lighting is straight from the original shot, no editing the craziness in (in fact I unsuccessfully tried toning it down)

 where the magic happens

Their candy corn ice cream is AMAZING. I could eat it all day long. Literally.

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