jeans: ag, shoes: jessica simpson, sweater top: green envelope

A super super chill weekend outfit. Spent most of the day inside since it was super hot during the daytime-- basically 90! But I made it to the beach right before the sunset. There was a serious influx of people in the 15 minutes of the sunset, then they magically dispersed. I'm glad I threw on jeans since I was cold by the time I got back to my dorm. Although I think skirts/dresses are more comfortable and laid back feeeeling, I think jeans represent that sort of lax look better. I bought these super cheap way back when during spring break at the bloomingdale's 59th st store, and haven't worn them till now. I have a tendency to do that... buy things, forget about them...

 oh you know, just chilling on a stump with my super limp/ poorly parted hair

 pre sunset


 post sunset

fresh nails in essie: school of hard rocks

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