sartorialist lusting

Let me preface this post by stating the obvious-- Scott Schuman is a genius. Today in class, rather than trying to understand what electric potentials were or how they relate to cells, I spent my time more wisely (in my opinion) by roaming The Sartorialist. If you have not heard of this gem of the internet, then you my friend, have been missing out. Here are some of my favorite photos from within the past year, specifically pertaining to two categories. Shit is about to get stylish. (WARNING: this post is supppper long, so I put a break in-- feel free to check out the rest below)

An ode to prints

 perfect mixing, applaud applaud

You know you want more below 

 very sherlock holmes-- I like 

 with chucks-- metallic nonetheless !



Marni madness

Seeing that it is currently 90 degrees in October, I cannot even begin to think about wearing anything warm, let alone a beautiful coat. But that doesn't mean a girl can't dream (and plan for an east coast winter + those "chilly" LA winters)

Layer it up

 Turban love

 perfect for me: warm knits + bare legs

 I must say my favorite parts of the photo are the faces of the people, reading "what is this model doing towering over us in the middle of the street?!"

 smile: the perfect accessory (something I cannot adhere to)


 is it just me or does she look like she could be modeling for Zara?

 haha reminds me of ugg + shorts, which I never got

Bye bye from Starbucks!

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