Santa Monica is alive

jacket: h&m, dress: free people, bag: longchamp, sunglasses: ray ban, scarf: gift from aunt from India, rings: river island + brandy & melville

After relaxing post class this morning, I decided to head to Santa Monica beach this afternoon. It was my first time during my sophomore year visiting the pacific ocean, and I almost forgot how beautiful it is! Continuing in the current trend of wacky weather, I was hot and cold in my jacket and scarf get up throughout the day. After the beach and grabbing some Pinkberry (<3), I headed to planet blue on Montana for their seasonal sale and denim happy hour! I scored a nice pair of new jeans.

My feelings with this jacket are on and off. After seeing a multitude of different jackets with leather sleeves, I fell in love with this when I spotted it at the store in August. But after wearing it for the first time today, I'm a bit undecided. In the morning when I first put it on, it was extremely uncomfortable and the PU sleeves would squeak when I moved. Fortunately by the end of the day, the jacket seemed to have stretched and was definitely more comfortable. 

Also, props to myself for taking self portraits in public!! Something I've been working up the courage to do.

Tropical weather is not wasted on me-- I am in love with palm trees

View of the pacific coast highway heading to Malibu 

Colorful buildings + the pier

I really liked the elbow patches on the jacket

New jeans!

title inspired by lyrics of:

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Friday :)


  1. Lovely pics! The leather jacket is amazing. The elbow patches makes it more appealing.

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  2. Love your outfit, Sharmili! Really diggin' your scarf! I'm glad your jacket seems to have stretched; it's way cute! Also, your photos are AMAZING :)

    The Style Chapters

  3. I love Santa Monica, one of my fave places on earth! And well done on the self portrait, it is not always easy when people are looking at you as if you are crazy, I know! But you look gorgeous. I tarted following you, come by if you have time, follow back if you like,

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  6. Nice photos!

  7. Love the skirt, I almost bought one just like it the other day! cool blog!
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