out of town girl

printed shirt + cardigan: h&m, coat: comptoir des cottoniers, high-waisted jeans: 7 for all mankind, smoking flats: steve madden, yankees cap

The weather today has been crazy, to say the least. Throughout the day I have experienced rain, sun, rainbows, winds, and heat. Just goes to show how fickle LA weather is. 

Next up: a shout out to caps! I have a hate love relationship with hats, I love looking at them yet I hate that I cannot wear them for the most part. But then there are caps, my favorite type of headgear. Why you may ask?
1. They help hide hair problems-- Today, mine being that my roots were looking very deflated
2. They look cool, edgy, and sporty
3. They let you show off your TEAM SWAG
I had to wear my Yankees cap today after their win last night; the fact that it remedied my hair situation was an added bonus. I structured my whole outfit around the premise of wearing that hat! Another reason I love this cap in particular is that it reminds me of home-- growing up in Jersey (particularly the NYC metropolitan area), yankees are my home team. In addition, doesn't wearing baseball caps make you feel soooo...American??

I'd be lying if I told you that Justin's Believe album hasn't turned me into a Belieber

p.s happy national coming out day! I saw many eloquent facebook statuses which unfortunately I don't have the rhetoric skills to replicate, but basically this is a day to celebrate and welcome acceptance :)

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