on wednesdays we wear pink

"On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was"

denim jacket- zara, t shirt- alexa chung for madewell, rings- brandy and melville, skirt- h&m, nail polish- revlon in posh

HAPPY NATIONAL MEAN GIRLS DAY, dear people of the blogosphere! I'm not really a pink person cause I think I wore enough of it for a lifetime during my childhood. But coincidentally I found myself wearing it without even realizing the date-- it was fate!! Anyhow, after sleeping through both of my morning classes and only having 10 minutes to get ready for my quiz before I ran out the door to get coffee, here is what I threw on. The shirt says "dead to me" which is covered by my hand, but I say it would nicely accompany my chronic bitch face syndrome, right?

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