neon pink

 white blouse. sweater, denim shorts, & necklace: h&m
not pictured: grey converse

After repeatedly snoozing my alarm this morning, I stumbled out of bed in a rush to get to class on time. While packing my laptop, I seemed to have misplaced my SD card :( Then, on my way late to class, I managed to get stuck in the elevator...twice. Just my luck. Fortunately I had to go grocery shopping anyways so I picked up a new one at radioshack, which is slightly irritating because I have a whole stash of them at home. As a result, I had to take these pictures later while the sun was setting-- hence using harsh, yellow room lights. Oh well. What a lovely day it was. At least I'm done with classes by 11 tomorrow and Friday. 

these shorts are super old (from the 10th grade) but they're still my go to pair
 DIY studded collar + necklace basically blending in, which I surprisingly am fond of

another steal from the H&M sale: only $2.50!

gelato for dessert 

BT DUBBS, on a completely unrelated note, I am in love with the Mindy Project// Mindy Kaling!

"I spent my weekend watching the movie ‘Amélie,’ and when I woke up, I had spilled so much red wine on myself I thought for a second I had been shot."

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