keepin it caj

Living in a world (well...campus) filled with girls in high waisted denim cut offs// stretchy bodycons and belly shirts (will summer ever end?!) can become a bit boring. I've been looking for something more and IT HAS BEEN FOUND! My love for shirts & skirts is professed in this inspirational board type thing. Tucked in or out, with a blazer, adorned with a statement necklace-- they're all good with me. Although 3/5 of these looks are with super trendy animal tops (insert fierce growl here), really any type of tee goes. My favorite look of the group is number 3, the slit skirt, the floral blazer, the green necklace, the tousled hair, oh my! What's your favorite look? Are you for this trend?

Unrelated note, how does one spell the shortened version of casual? Like in the title of the post, I'm not sure if it looks like a shortened version of cajun...

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