denim denim denim

open sweater cardigan: gap, chambray shirt: forever 21, jeans: seven for all mankind

Welcome to day 1 of midterm hell week! Apologies for the same sort of photos for the past few posts, I haven't been leaving my room much except to get food or attend class. Back to wearing things that I used to hate, but am now welcoming with open arms-- this time, denim on denim. I mean...I'm still horrified by the infamous look by power 90s couple Britney & Justin (that will never be okay, ever.) If you don't know what I'm referring to (shame on you)... witness the magic.

 I promise my shirt wasn't wrinkly until I came back from class and crawled back into bed.

 I seem to have become reacquainted with my love of b&w photos. Look at those beautiful bags underneath my eyes! #collegeproblems

painted my nails various shades of pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month ++ a sticker on my phone 

TITLE INSPIRED BY THIS AWESOME AD. Sorry for the caps lock, but I had to properly convey my enthusiasm. This commercial is just so catchy. It came to a point this summer where my friend and I would be listening to it on repeat in the car while on the way to get some Denville dairy (aka the best ice cream ever.)

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