crinkly clothes syndrome

skirt + cardigan: h&m, flats: kimchi blue-- urban outfitters, t-shirt: ny times case study--gap (men's), bag: longchamp

Mondays are...Mondays. I had two bio lectures earlier this morning and then decided to walk around before heading to Starbucks. I was definitely in need of some delicious passion iced tea in this 90 degree heat. So why am I wearing a cardigan, you may ask. Because this morning on my way to class it was below 70! Crazy!! Speaking of crazy...this skirt was driving my crazy!! Let's just say it was not meant for walking.. or sitting. I'm not sure what it was meant for then-- standing still? Every time I walked, the skirt crinkled. When I sat down for two hour lectures, it crinkled. Even though I spent some time ironing it in the morning, I still suffered from crinkly clothes syndrome :( But on a more positive note, I had put on this skirt for some fall vibes, despite the heat, since it is in one of this season's super popular colors-- burgundy/ oxblood!

I had the hardest time editing the first two photos cause I wasn't smart and shot in direct sunlight :(

 amazing pizza

ultra sneaky shot of this lady's pants that I liked
 they remind me of ballet slippers

p.s check out my street style inspiration in the post below :)

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